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Monday, May 30, 2011

Love Hopping

Is finding love that easy for some while for the others its merely like changing clothes from time to time? Some wait forever for the Right One to come along, thinking one day the love of their lives would just come knockin' their doorsteps.A few have this notion that they should do serious searching for their other "pair" if they don't like to grow old alone.

While others just shrug it off and let time and fate take their own course if someone would really come into their lives even if they're just sitting in their rocking chairs relaxing within the four corners of their humble abode. Why do some girls/boys  find love in an instant without much effort done? They can easily attract the opposite sex, let people flock to them like flies (pardon the pun) while others grow weary and dismay displayed on their faces thinking they are way better (way sexier, more beautiful and smarter) than these lucky ones.But why are they still lacking in this department? 

Have you ever encountered or know someone who change gfs/bfs like they have this flavor of the month or something? Chocolate  flavor this month and much to your surprise after a few weeks, he has this vanilla ice cream on hand! (wink) (wink) Maybe these ones can just readily step on to the next relationship
without bothering to ponder on the past. They don't have troubles "relocating", maybe even using ones like those pods promotional code to help them moved out of one affair to move on to the next.

Or could be these ones are just full of love within their hearts, they've got so much to offer. They would want to spread love, love, love to the world! Or they are really in search of something that is lacking in their lives they thought they could find in another person. Well, happiness cannot be found in another person, it's within ourselves. Maybe some cannot imagine themselves without a lover, maybe they do have reasons even themselves cannot understand. Yes, to each his own as long as we are not stepping into other people's lives hurting them, spreading LOVE is but nice!

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