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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's Stopping You? (The Age Excusitis Syndrome)

Get a hold of your life right now. Yes, right now! You say time is running out, slipping through your fingers  like fine dusts but then what are you merely doing? Procrastinating over things you could do in the NOW, holding back yourself - waiting for the right time 'til your age catches up on you . Then again, you make awesome, out of this world  EXCUSES - that you are already old  for such things, that you can't have the stamina to engage in this and that activity.

"Age excusitis" a term used to refer to an alibi to postpone in attaining a dream or goal because of one's "age" as used by David Schwartz, the author of "The Magic Of Thinking Big." Each one of us have our own elusive dreams in life that we always wanted to achieve but then at times, we should blame our own selves too, why we never quite get around doing them - we simply avoid taking risks, some would rather play it safe and even tell themselves, "I can't do it!" without even giving themselves a first try.

This syndrome can be magnified in various aspects of one's life be it in one's career shift, going on an adventure travel, getting the body one is obsessing about, going back to school and even FALLING IN LOVE (ever heard of "we are neither too young or too old to fall in love" ?).  According to Schwartz, at certain points of our lives, we tend to buy into that idea that we are either too old or it is too late to do something different other than staying put in our own comfort zone. And it's not just age but as well as social norms  and other's perception of what our role in life should be that may influence our decisions.

NOTHING SHOULD STOP YOU FROM CHASING A DREAM. There is simply no age limit to go to the direction  that you've always wanted. We can always reinvent ourselves and life has such an array of wide possibilities we can embark on. Part of us has this ageless mind ( no form no boundaries, no beginnings, no endings) that is beyond the physical aging process that is readily available if only we encourage ourselves to go and chase our own rainbows! 

So whether you are in your 20's , 30's  or pushing 40's or even beyond, you can jump-start on your new life ASAP! Maybe to some, they have unattainable dreams while they were still youngsters that even if they're grown older, they've made a pact ( like a business plan service) with themselves to fulfill them so they wouldn't have haunting regrets in their twilight years.While some start early in life reaching for their pots of gold, others are quite late bloomers but what matters is you gave yourself a chance to take on challenges in making your dreams come true.


  1. You're absolutely right! You go, girl! LOL. What a great post. Keep smiling!

  2. Thanks for reading and for the nice comment, Collette! :)

  3. i love the truth and wisdom of this marvelous insight your grace has put into this article, very interesting !

  4. Hi, Lynn! Thanks for dropping by my blog site and appreciating my post here. :)


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