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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Divine Love Of One's Self

"Too often we long for and make illusions of a wonderful romance with another person. How many of us "romance" or love ourselves first before dreaming of our own fairy tales?"

A lot of us yearn to be loved and continuously roam the world just to bump into the One True Thing - HAPPINESS. Is the feeling of being loved in return equated to being in bliss? Why do so many people think another person or being attached to worldly things can gain them authentic happiness and satisfaction in this life?  That "elusive happiness" is the source of some unfateful individual's heartaches and discontent in what they  brand to be miserable lives.   

Some become too desperate and beg for love so they may be complete and whole like they said. Authentic happiness resides within you. It's not dependent on being tied to the hips with a lover or gaining the richness of  the world. Come to think of it,  material things may give you a "temporary high" but once you go back within the four corners of your room, would welcome you with this dreaded melancholy again for these mundane things can't make you whole.

Just the same, we cannot love another person unless we first learn to love ourselves. Who else will adore the you  in "you"? If you can't find happiness on being alone, be content and feel blessed with what God has gifted you with, you cannot find this "real happiness" in the company of other people. 

Loving thyself is considered divine. We are created in God's beautiful image and for this, we are all wonderfully created! We are His masterpiece, His work of art. ( He must have been using a good photo canvas service, don't you think? ) What could be a  better token of appreciation  we can give Him than loving ourselves first and foremost. When all else fails and you cannot count on those people around you - you are left with nothing and no one but yourself!  

Take good care of this borrowed life and live it to the fullest. Be not just a pilgrim traversing the seas and the open wild but leave remarkable  footprints on this earth by contributing to it's beauty and splendor. Love thyself divinely.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Petition Scribblings On The Pew

At times, I drop by the cathedral in our city to hear mass even on week days and as always as I have stated in my past blog ages ago, I am a perennial wedding spectator. I can never count now how many nuptials I have witnessed but that's not the point of this post here.

Among the seats inside, I choose to be at this pew lying separately at the side of the cathedral where I can readily have a view of the grandiose place. Yes, the one beside the saints in the likes of San Lorenzo Ruiz (our very own Filipino saint) and the Immaculate Heart of Jesus and Mary and the others of which I unintentionally forgot the names now. 

And as I was about to kneel one time, I noticed the scribblings on the pew. Can we utterly classify this as sheer vandalism since they are leaving unnecessary marks on a public place? But the writings are not that common ones yes, they are prayer petitions. While many are used to writing their requests on paper, these people opted to leave theirs in some other  furnace. It was just interesting to know these young ones and maybe young once have sincere wishes and have a strong belief that God would read their written prayers while He glances on this special "pew" and grant them all anew. You might be curious to know what are some of these prayer petitions are. 

At first read could leave a temporary smile on your face as some are what might we call "shallow" but then couldn't judge whoever wrote them that time. Some I couldn't actually make out of since they are unclearly written and could well use the help of the best portable scanner maybe. Things like " Lord, I hope me and my gf could get back together." "Dear God, pls let my parents kiss and make up." "Dear Papa God, pls make my bf love me again".   Requests of the depressed lovers or the oppressed you might ask but then we may not know what's the real intention of the authors the very minute they wrote those. Unless we could sneak into their hearts.

Some could have the faith the size of a corn seed or better yet some the size of a watermelon. Boils down to one true thing - FAITH. Yes, faith can move mountains and make the impossible, POSSIBLE. We must learn from the children - they possess stronger faith than us adults at times. We who have such little faith and who just crash and burn each time an adversity strikes. 

The "pew" is actually covered with various petitions right now and I get to visit it each time. At times I am quite tempted to jot down my own prayers on it so I could join the others and leave my handwriting too there, like a "fingerprint" of my existence and my presence each time. But I already have this "direct dial" to God which doesn't go on busy or cannot be reached mode. He always hear each prayer and answers them in His perfect time!