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Sunday, September 18, 2011

We Are But Pilgrims In This World

        Have you ever asked yourself what's the purpose of your mere existence in this world? Have you ever wondered what's your true mission in this life? Life starts at your conception inside your mother's womb..a wondrous miracle , life springs out of another being...then comes the day you were born and your mom hears your very first cry as tears well up her eyes upon seeing your little countenance and fragile cute fingers... It is said that each and everyone of us have our own purposes here on earth - be it to touch other people's lives, to inspire others through your words or worthy causes organized; to love and be loved, to dance like there's no tomorrow; to weep and experience pain... all our paths are intertwining and in every step of the way through our journey, we meet at the crossroads...we are all connected in some ways...what one says or does affects or influences people around him...
           Life is a journey - sometimes a short one and can be a long ride pilgrims we travel through life's highways criss crossroads meeting at some point in time, must part at the corners as we meet other people again.This cycle goes on and on til we reach our final destination...
          Life is a constant change is composed of different seasons, each one having distinct characteristics that we may either enjoy or hate...our pilgrimage  through our entire lives entitles us to experience the joys and sorrows this world of us brings.A season of happiness - feeling as if you're on top of the world not mindful of those around you for you wanna feel that once in your life then suddenly without any clue, a season of grief, surmountable sadness - loss of a lover, family, a friend or loss of a precious job, your bread and butter...your whole world then suddenly collapses before you, as if the heavens closed its gate behind you and you were left stranded and helpless in a deserted island, a dark and lonely place...
          Yes, it's hard to cope up with any loss especially if they mean everything to the pilgrim goes through his journey, he might lose a thing or two along the way but must move on and carry on his travel and tell himself my time has come and  finally reached my abode! These experiences taught me how to be a stronger pilgrim - to battle life's up and downs, to face any obstacle that would dare keep me from reaching to my own sacred place, also throw away the excess baggage or use a free online storage to dump them there ...til then my pilgrimage has just begun...

***blog pic courtesy of my bf's Nature and Photography Works

Lizzy's Treasure Trove

NOTE: In this blog, the lead star is not me but my “companions” when I’m drifting into my own world.
      They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I can trade them just to have a collection of books from my fave author! I don’t need sparkling jewels to wear on my neck, wrists or fingers, don’t need precious gems nor a 24-carat gold…what I treasure most are books, books, and still loads of books – from horror to mystery, sci-fi, detective stories and inspirational – these can be found in my secret treasure trove. What you can chance upon entering my little room are tons of Stephen King’s masterpieces that I have collected through the years and still counting… I dunno what exactly drove me to his creations like The Dark Half, Hearts In Atlantis, Dream Catcher, Misery, The Stand, Gerald’s Game and some of his collections – Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Skeleton Crew and Night Shift but they do make me feel good (maybe I’m a real creep after all). My latest from the Master of Terror himself are Stephen King Goes to The Movies and Just After Sunset (as a birthday gift for myself recently).
You can also find science fiction books which are movie-tie ins such as they were made into blockbuster movies too like King’s novels ending up on the big screen – Contact, The Fifth Element, Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Steven Spielberg, Alien, etc. Some detective stories with touches of mysteries on their plots like – The Devil’s Advocate, Seven, John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief and The Juror among others. These themes keep my adrenaline rush and boosting my wild imagination into full gear. Three of Mitch Albom’s inspirational books I own too – The Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day and Tuesdays With Morrie. Books that will touch your lives and the ones you’ll read repeatedly. I may not live to be a novelist but I do appreciate these genres. The authors have distinctive styles of their own. Others you can find in my room cum mini-library are classical literary pieces – Pride and Prejudice of Jane Austen, The Hunchback of Notre Dame of Victor Hugo and Mary Shelley’s Frankeinstein. I also have a collection of short stories of English and American writers like Ernest Hemingway, Leo Tolstoi and Guy de Maupassant. I must admit it takes me months to finish reading the latter pieces because of their deep English expressions and melo-dramatic dialogues. I'm also a big fan of Paulo Coelho, having a collection of his books which aren't complete yet - The Witch of Portobello, The Devil and Miss Prym, The Fifth Mountain, Eleven Minutes. Another favorite true story is Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray and Love which was also made into a movie. (now this has turned into wix reviews of books)
I may say I’m not like some typical women who crave and go gaga over love novels of Danielle Steele or books of Mills and Boon before. I’m just not much into them for I find them boring! Oops! Sorry but that is just my opinion, no personal grudges. I’m more into complicated plots that keep me on the edge of my seat and makes me want for more. As I check out my collection of books I can’t help but feel nostalgic of the feelings they brought me when I got to read them each time. I found myself dumbfounded to learn that I have such a huge collection now over the years and if I would calculate their sums would cost a fortune! For me they’re one great investment that I could pass on to my future children. I could give up and sell everything but not my precious treasures that I come to live with in my lifetime.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

From "Almost-a-Couple" To Buddy Zone

What if you get to realize that the one you are romantically-inclined with before could just well be a friend for keeps? A prospective love gone sour? You were once into this MU (mutual understanding) thing but eventually things had a  turn around. This could  happen  after some things didn't work out between the two of you, or someone got back together with an ex or something to that effect - a change of heart.  Yes, it's tough having to be still act civilly with each other after the love bug has left you both. But if you decide to stay as  buddies still, you must know how to make it through the transition again. 

Below are some tips to ease up your change of "zone".(these ain't found in 1800gotjunk reviews but just my own suggestions)

1. Know your limitations. If before you used to be a "cuddly", almost-lovers, refrain yourselves from having "mushy moments". It is but proper to be aware of your boundaries unless you want to be labeled as "friends with  benefits". (now that's another issue). Some are used to calling each other "pet names" also but you wouldn't want to get stuck in that endearment calling long after you meet your prospective lovers who might misinterpret rather than finding it cute. So, maybe it would help to quit that, too.

2. Allow yourselves enough time to overcome your feelings for each other. Even if you were never an "official couple", it doesn't mean that your feelings weren't real and just superficial. Give yourselves space first. Saving the friendship would only work out if both of you are ready to move on.

3. Recite the mantra " He's just a friend. He's just a friend. " Start telling yourself and condition your brain that he isn't "the one who got away" and go back to referring to him as one of your friends.

4. Go out with him WITH your pals. To help your way back to your friendship mode, hang out with him together with your other peers. Friends would be there to act as " buffers" during awkward moments.It would also help program your mind perceiving as just one of your buddies.

5. Wish each other's happiness. You don't have to set each other up dating other people but merely wishing for each other's happiness is but nice. If he decides to get back to the dating game again, support him and if you're quite interested with another guy, go for it and don't be guilty of anything since you are  both free in the first place.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How To Unlock A Writer's Block

The writer's curse. Writer's block attacks just out of the blue, unexpectedly at times even at the most desperate moments when you are about to beat a deadline on a writing project or so. Not even if you have a remote online backup would do wonders. No, it is entirely  different from procrastinating things or plain laziness on a wordsmith's part. It is likened to a "mental block" when there aren't any ideas floating in the air no matter how you try, exact opposite when a pen pusher is in a "trance", thoughts swirming through racing with one another, creating a dull headache when they aren't put on paper right  away.

When a writer cannot be disturbed, gets too excited as if he is immersed in his own world , he's in a writer's trance but if he is just having lifeless blank stares on the ceiling, over the wall or on anything his eyes meet on and having a worried look, it's the "curse".

Before I composed this blog, I was under a "semi-writer's block syndrome", not a topic on mind to write about until eureka! I thought of doing one about this "deadly brain-drain ailment" every writer dreads.I even had a status on Face Book stating : "Composing a blog about Writer's Block while having a writer's block. Does that make sense? "

What are the things to be done to unlock this block:

1. Change of sceneries - Go to a place where you can reflect on some memories or can inspire you positively. Choose any place where you can have peace of mind writing your way. Well, even if it's a noisy place, if one is gifted with a powerful concentration, he can still write. I tried composing articles while I am at the middle of a  busy mall with many distractions and it went well!

2. Reminisce - Revisit your portfolio of your previous works before whether they be poems, novels, newspaper articles and the like. The  good feeling you can extract from reliving those  memories of glory can help you get done  with your current work.

3. Listen to some music. - Experts say people work productively with the influence of a good background music but depends on the individual if he can focus on his work more with music on or not. I have always done this even when I was still a student and haven't distracted me in any way.

4. Indulge on some "uppers" or any comfort food - Can be anything you love from delectable chocos to junk foods that could get you going before you fuel your way to writing. It could give you a good feeling afterwards and get you kicking!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Our mind is so powerful, what thoughts you entertain could either make or break you. This blog is inspired by Norman  Vincent Peale's  book, "The Power Of Positive Thinking".

What is a tough-minded optimist? He is one real positive thinker. If you are a person who has got what it takes to overcome the hurdles that come masquerading your way, you are one tough-minded optimist. It's a "jungle" out there and it's true the famous line "survival of the fittest". The stronger ones are those who deemed fit to survive the sometimes tough world we live in.

According to Peale, there are two kinds of people in this world: the tender-minded and the tough-minded. The first one being the more "sensitive soul" who is easily rocked by criticisms, appalled by life's adversities and feels as though he's always burdened even by so simple things. Shakes them to the bone, easily gives up and quits trying too early on.

Exact opposite is the tough-minded one mentioned earlier who takes criticisms well, obstacles seem to challenge him, making him an even better individual after each storm passes. 

Thinking positively during the worst of times is a must if not only to keep us sane even in shaky, distressful situations. We ought to start developing our "inner toughness", ( it takes more than to be physically tough) or tensile strength for both mind and spirit. Reverse our mental image of ourselves as  being weak to a clear picture as becoming strong. Hold that positive imaging in our consciousness until it  takes with us.

During dark periods, be a positive thinker, see the possibilities- always see them, for they are always there. Like automatic ringcentral reviews, depression buzzing your ears, remember what you think you will become.
If negativity keeps on ringing, do your best to push it aside and focus on the brighter side of things.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Make Your Gf Say "Yes"

How can you make your girlfriend say "yes" when you finally acquired all the guts and glory to pop up the magic question? Before taking the plunge or tying the knot, of course we ought to ask ourselves if we are truly ready  emotionally, physically, financially and mentally ( who wants a retard anyway?) LOL

How would you show your lady love that you're commitment-worthy to spend a lifetime with?
Us girls would like to have a nurturing relationship and it's more than just being intimate. Make us feel you can live up being our "other half". Marriage isn't just a piece of contract and it's not all mushiness, either.

Here are some "tricks of the trade" :

1. Appreciate our female friends. - Be a REAL gentleman to our friends and we would love you for it sincerely. Ever wondered why we are fond of introducing you to our gal pack? If we see that  you have good relations with them, it says much  how you would take care of us in the future. And what I mean to say here is that honestly befriend them, no put ons or whatever. If they don't like you much, maybe you have certain flaws they can't dig but still try to treat them right.

2. Be responsible at work but manage your time well. - There is nothing wrong with being hardworking or a workaholic at that. Men are said to be more focused on their work so they say but then doing always overtime and neglecting your duties as a boyfriend (not finding time to bond with us)is a BIG No-no. When you love someone, you squeeze in time just to be with her or make it up to her big time when you get the chance.Don't make us beg for your time which is pretty annoying.

3. Make us feel you are ready to take charge of a home in the future. - Keep tab of the basic things like for example, paying your electricity bill, water bill and others on time. It says much how responsible you are keeping a home and not forgetting things. ( of course we are just humans who sometimes forget or mess up you might say). But always neglecting little things such as this would say  much if you could be a dependable husband and father in the future.

4. Always reassure us of your love. - Time and again, this has been said over and over.-Women always need reassurance. It is very important to tell us and more over let us feel  that you do love us. The "unmushies" might cringe and smirk at the thought but that's reality!( it's like we always feel the need to have online backup reviews LOL )

5. Love our family. - This could be one of the major factors we consider especially us, Filipinas. We are a family-oriented species and so getting along well with our family members is a major MUST. 

The above mentioned are just some a few tips and a lot could be added more to them.Now, if  your girlfriend is  the one proposing for she doesn't want to wait on you for a gazillion years, you guys could have your own criterion, then.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Distance-Tested Relationship

What is the ultimate test to a long distance relationship? Is it the distance per se,  the set up itself, commitment of both parties or common dreams amongst other concerns? How can you  keep your love bond strong despite  being 10,000 apart or more or oceans and continents between you and your significant other? 

Lovers who live near each other already face enough issues what's more a greater geo distance. Below are some bits of advice that could keep those in an LDR both sane despite and inspite of the set up being  difficult but not really impossible to bear if you are  both truly committed.

1. Think positive that it would work. Instead of entertaining negative thoughts that could put a strain on your already long distance love affair,  having an optimistic mindset is but a key factor in working it out no matter what.

2. Plan together. Yes, even if you're not "two-gether" physically, you can still plan your future or even your everyday  schedules - time of your chat, watching a movie in real time, celebrating important events online (even dressing up for the occasion and lighting candles infront of the pc but be careful though, eating together like you are on a actual date),  then afterwards discussing them. It could keep your bond uptight and exciting!

3. The Trust Issue - It is very basic- trust your partner. Yes, it's easy to entertain ideas of your lover having flings on the side  or flirting with the opposite sex when you are away from each other  but always bringing it up on your mind like often doubting your partner, would leave you paranoid, emotionally exhausted and could ruin your relationship.You might be driving him away because of the pressure and demand of your insecurities which isn't healthy.

4. Open Communication - There are various LDR-friendly means of communication nowadays, thanks to the advances in technology. Talk to each to each other often to build your partner into your life and everyday schedule.  But it is in the quality of the conversation though that matters most and also give each other enough space once in a while to breathe and do your own stuffs.

5. Bring Excitement To Your Bond - Being separated from our love gives us a chance to miss them but no matter how much you are in love , being on solo mode can at times wear you out so think about some creative stuffs to keep you two connected.  Surprise each other and keep him/her on his/her toes. It's like organizing a business plan service to keep the relationship spicy! (I'm giving you guys the floor to think of some suggestions)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

A commiphobic, one who is afraid of committing himself once again after a string of failed relationships. They say all things in this vast world we live in is a risk, what more giving ourselves chances in the love game.

It's like a  battlefield out there - before we engage ourselves at war, we ought to prepare our "weaponry". But who knows what might happen or what's in store for us?

There are those who have had their hearts  broken too many times that they don't want to  get hurt to even give it a try once more. Some have met a flock of jerks who crashed their hearts into pieces and they don't want to be dragged to the flames again. Others generalize judging people, become man-haters and woman-hates alike to the extent that they can't seem to trust no one anymore.

We can't blame them for out of their description at times of  "experiencing hell" and all that creating a "monster fear" inside of them, slowly eating them all up alive which will eventually affect their other relationships.

I had my share of  heartaches  before but I can truly say that these past hurts and pains  brought into my life have made me who I am today- an even stronger woman. I tried to believe in love again once more and discovered time and again, what a wondrous feeling it is to love and be loved in return!

Maybe  hearts left scarred could be mended in due time as they say and it's up to the individual how long must be let himself be held captive and chained to his past hurts or to finally learn to let go, freely see the breaking of a brand new dawn on his  beautiful life! If we have this free online storage, we can unpack our baggages, simply dump them there and then travel light.There are so much to discover in this life to just waste our precious time nursing grudges.To love is a grand feeling!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Love Knows No Color

As we all been hearing and reading that love knows no boundaries, no barriers can ever stop two people from falling in love. Interracial dating opens opportunities learning about different cultures and traditions. Many have been successful in this arena despite the hassles that go with such kind of relationship.Still others are struggling to keep the  fire burning beyond oceans and miles away from their loved-ones.

Below are my views on some known barriers encountered in interracial dating :

Overcoming  Certain Barriers :

1. Language and Communication Barrier - Open and honest communication is vital in any given type of relationship. There are many challenges if you speak the same language , more so if you don't. But it is not limited to projecting "perfect grammar", diction for that matter, proper choice of words and the like but greatly involves sharing of sincere emotions and body language.
     Many misunderstandings arise from misinterpretations of expressions used and so a couple must clearly explain to each other what they really mean as to avoid petty quarrels. Let your partner learn about your language better by being his/her personal tutor and make it a fun learning experience, too.

2. Going The Distance - (The LDR Set-up) - If a couple is really committed, love  conquers all odds even if they are miles and seas apart. When you are  both determined to work on your relationship, there are many available means to help you cope the distance. Skype and other free messengers have become indispensable nowadays if you are avoiding sky rocketing costs of everyday calls and SMS. There are cheap and/or unlimited call packages though made available in the market.

     As was always stated, communication is a vital factor in maintaining a healthy relationship.No matter how tight your schedules are, it is but necessary to squeeze in some time for quality talks and catch up with each other's lives and give your bond the right momentum.

     Express your love even in the simplest form via sending of  virtual cards, letters, real cards through the posts, gifts and the like. Assure yourselves that you would be there for each other  no matter what.

3. Handling  Cultural Differences - This could be one of the greatest challenges interracial couples could encounter and should overcome. But if you share the same values, it transcends cultural inadequacies It is  but exciting to learn a different culture apart from yours and so turn  these differences into something positive that can help your relationship grow. Get accustomed to your partner's way of living and beliefs and let him into your world, too.

4. Religious Differences - A couple should be open about  each other's religion. Early on in the relationship, they must discuss if having different beliefs would greatly impact their present and future. One shouldn't pressure his/her partner to convert, though. Learn to meet half-way and respect each other's beliefs.

There are many other barriers I haven't stated above but would surely tackle in my upcoming blog posts.
Like some "business dealings" or any type of relationship, both parties should exert all efforts  to make it successful or else it would fail. (like failing in 1800gotjunkreviews).