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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

A commiphobic, one who is afraid of committing himself once again after a string of failed relationships. They say all things in this vast world we live in is a risk, what more giving ourselves chances in the love game.

It's like a  battlefield out there - before we engage ourselves at war, we ought to prepare our "weaponry". But who knows what might happen or what's in store for us?

There are those who have had their hearts  broken too many times that they don't want to  get hurt to even give it a try once more. Some have met a flock of jerks who crashed their hearts into pieces and they don't want to be dragged to the flames again. Others generalize judging people, become man-haters and woman-hates alike to the extent that they can't seem to trust no one anymore.

We can't blame them for out of their description at times of  "experiencing hell" and all that creating a "monster fear" inside of them, slowly eating them all up alive which will eventually affect their other relationships.

I had my share of  heartaches  before but I can truly say that these past hurts and pains  brought into my life have made me who I am today- an even stronger woman. I tried to believe in love again once more and discovered time and again, what a wondrous feeling it is to love and be loved in return!

Maybe  hearts left scarred could be mended in due time as they say and it's up to the individual how long must be let himself be held captive and chained to his past hurts or to finally learn to let go, freely see the breaking of a brand new dawn on his  beautiful life! If we have this free online storage, we can unpack our baggages, simply dump them there and then travel light.There are so much to discover in this life to just waste our precious time nursing grudges.To love is a grand feeling!

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