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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do You Know Where You're Going To ?

One of my early essays from way back :

Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Do you care what you hoping for, when you look behind you there’s no open door?” These are a few lines of a popular song revived by Mariah Carey.

Do we really know where each of us is headed for behind these challenges and trials life is offering us? Can we really bear these things despite of the fact that sometimes at the back of our minds we feel discouraged to go on and move 
on with our lives for so much hurts and sacrifices have been done?

We’re pilgrims in this world, each with a mission not just only to be “perfect” in the eyes of men but more importantly, to find true happiness in our hearts. We can’t buy HAPPINESS, it can’t also be earned, for it can only be found right inside our very own hearts, it resides in each one of us.

True happiness begins by loving ourselves and loving others. In fact, we can only love others authentically when we are loving ourselves. So, why is it that some people seem to find self-love easily while others spend their lives searching in relationships or career accomplishments to find it?

What if life doesn’t seem to make any sense? Trust your heart. Life will always be plagued with “what ifs” and its partner question :“I wonder if….?”. We ask ourselves if we are making the right decision. We stay awake at night wondering if the people we care for love us as much as we love them.

How can we stop wondering and asking? The answers will have to come from your heart. Feel with your heart. The heart has no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, or skin – no physical censors to discriminate the ugly, loud, pungent, bitter or prickly. It doesn’t know how to count. It has a world of it own – a sensitivity to the rhythms of the universe.
Take time to listen to your heart. When the answers do not come to you in words, when solutions do not appear to you in the physical world, go inside you and listen to your heart. Feel your heart and life will suddenly make sense.
At the most desperate moments, when you feel things can’t get any worse, in the darkest hour of hopelessness, take a deep breath and echo in your head “I have many blessings!”

We are all pilgrims in this vast universe each one on our journey to forever. We may at times pause and reflect on the different stages of our lives and what it has brought us and move on to the next phase (without the need of a file transfer service) in order to be contented or not (yet).

Remember that life’s challenges are not meant to break us but to bend us toward God.

***blog pic courtesy of my bf's Nature And Landscape Photography Works

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Of Emotional "Scammers" and "Spammers"

One of the blogs I've written for a dating site  about "players" and those with hidden ulterior motives :

Sending out mixed signals- a notorious habit of both men and women. Is this done unconsciously or intentionally? So how do we really read in between the lines what a guy or a gal tells us or how one acts when he/she is with you or when you get to chat/talk? Are gals more prone to be being vulnerable to subtle flirting thus breaking their own hearts once guys give them up some attention, time and will one day all of a sudden, after a turn of events and pooof! he is gone MIA (missing in action)?I do know guys do also become victims of what one of my great friends here calls "emotional scammers" and I've just added another one "emotional spammers"! Tongue

As you have noticed, I've got a lot of friends on my list and if there's a chance, I try to chat them up and hear of their plights and woes when it comes to their experiences over online dating and the like. While emotional scammers are those people who will highly give you false hopes, even promising you the moon and the stars; a great life together: promises of a meet-up sooner in the future and then suddenly after months would tell you that he doesn't have the means to see you- your world is gone shattered leaving you with broken dreams and trauma. Sad

Some are guilty of what I coined "emotional spamming"( or "gym reviews"). They send out emails to lots of guys/gals on their list and see who will respond then they would choose who they can play on to even if they know that the person is taking him/her seriously and expecting more from him/her. In other words, men and women who are not into committed relationships but just playing the field, enjoying their time while the others are hurting, expecting and dreaming of a lasting love!I simple terms- "age-old cheaters". Tongue

Why do some think they can get away with it? I've learned some just register here to look for "greener pastures" even if they're already committed to someone else- some seeking a man who will always send them money not unlike their present fiance whose remittance doesn't sustain her needs and her childs! Well, the culprit has been wiped out anyway before she can get some hearts here broken and some pockets empty!! Tongue

The Hopeless Procrastinator

I believe all of us are guilty of this once in a while - putting off first for tomorrow or later on what we can do today or in the now. All of us go through "lazy modes" at different times of the day or can be some days as if  there is a great need to  drag our feet to get up and do our responsibilities.

Could be burnt out or something, doing the routinary things day in and day out. Procrastination is NOT only practiced by less motivated individuals but as well as perfectionists for they tend to put off doing things first for a while  expecting too much of themselves and scared to the wits  they would fall short of their standards.

In actuality, if you think you're a hopeless procrastinator, don't lose heart for no one else is beyond help. It doesn't necessarily mean one is inborn lazy or an inefficient person.The thing could originate from a certain habit that can be overcome in time.

Things people putting off first can be some work assignments ( in my case, my  writing assignments that may go hand in hand with an attack of a writer's block in progress, doing things around the house, saving money, business plans (but thank God for a business plan software less effort now), among other things.

What do you guys "enjoy" putting off first then blame yourselves after wards for the delay and other hassles ? And how do you overcome this habit?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Step Into The LIght

How do you  combat negativity around you? There can be a lot of spoilers around us, "party-poopers" and negative stressors masquerading your way. These bad vibes circling our system can diminish our productivity and we become less motivated to carry on our daily grinds. They make you less focused on your goals and will either break you, waste your time and energy if not completely alter your whole being.

What if you are surrounded by time-wasters sucking up your zest for life? Have you got ways for stepping out into the light out of the dark tunnel you are in? Like the process of junk removal, there are ways seeing the cloud's silver lining by ditching these negative vibes.

"Once you replace negative thoughts, with positive ones, you'll start having positive result. " 

1. Tell yourself opportunities abound everywhere.

2. The Power of Giving  Thanks. As said time and again : "Count your blessings. There is a purpose behind things that happen whether  big or small. They all matter in the universe we are in.

3. Focus on your goal. Be always reminded what's your priority and steer clear of all things that might distract you from attaining your ultimate dream.

4. Pamper thyself. Love yourself more. Who else will? You deserve to treat yourself as a Queen or King at times out of those hassles you encounter in life from day to day.

5. Choose who you be with. Happiness is infectious so it's but good to surround yourself with cheerful, positive people rather than those whiners and complainers.

6. Join charity groups. You feel good once you get to help less fortunate brethren for there is simply joy in giving!

7. Give time to enjoy what  you dig. Take time out from work and other responsibilities for a while and learn to live again". Do your fun hobbies one again which will make you feel good about yourself after.

8. It is OK to be sad (at times). It is but normal to have down times for we are but human.Don't dwell too much on it though, just allow  brief moments then move forward.

9. Believe in yourself. "Faith can move mountains. " as one popular saying states. Remember, you are your own best and worst critic. If you have enough self-belief, you can conquer the world!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Out of My Comfort Zone

From being a newspaper correspondent, getting out under the scorching heat of the sun and beating deadlines, of being able to make 7 stories per day, of sending bulk news to my editor or else he would be fuming at the mouth, of dealing with obnoxious, ranting and sometimes hypocritical people...of making up an appointment for an interview with public figures and enjoying the pleasures of having free lunches and snacks whenever I get to cover a special event in the city...of having to meet face to face the still darling of the press former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos...these are my unforgettable experiences when I entered unto the unknown world of media to gain the exposure I need in embarking my long-cherished dream of becoming a full-fledged WRITER...a different kind of path compared to those who really got to enter the Written Work because of their college or Journalism degrees...

I am not a Journalism graduate nor do I have a formal education in writing...let's just say God gave me this knack for expressing my ideas in written form, a talent that doesn't want to be just hidden inside an old chest but rather have given me restless years til I found the guts to try my luck and prove to them I CAN WRITE! This innate talent must be shared to my readers! No matter what career path I am in before, I feel this emptiness inside eating me up which I have found out 8 years ago....

Been to 11 jobs but when I worked for our local comunity newspaper as a reporter I found fulfillment not just because people were telling me I write good articles..not just because I see my name on print weekly...not just because my family and friends showed me how proud they are for me...but because my dream came true! It was a fleeting feeling even though the pay is not that high....that started it all and suddenly I found myself venturing into another magazine to become a Feature Writer for their quarterly publication..I remembered what my first mentor in writing (my newspaper editor) told me - "don't stop writing no matter what write from the heart..."  

So in every article that I get to write, I put my heart into it.And also got my chance  on the road to becoming a writer of children's stories! I chose to be one FLEXIBLE writer but of course my expertise would still be feature writing..who knows I might come up with another blog one of these days and you would be reading. I have become a horror novelist just like my fave author Stephen King! 

Now, I enjoy the fruits and lure of blogging - enjoying what I do as a home based sideline and earning at the same time. Having my own blog site about topics on life, love and relationships, I even work on my own website promotion. Have met many foreign writer, artist friends online who were kind enough to let me join their groups to showcase my creativity.I get to compose poems, too as this hobby was in hiatus before but now right back on track again and I am so excited to be a part of a dark poem anthology together with American and British fellow poets!

The possibilites are endless and so I believe nothing is impossible...we choose which path we will take..we choose what actions we will take...we have a choice whether or not we stay where we are at now or go out of our comfort zone...who ever said our dreams can't come true?Just believe in yourselves, put hard work, heart and determination and your long-cherished dreams will unfold right in front of your eyes!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Facts Of Life

What have I learned about life lately?

    - Things happen, are meant to happen and going against the tide would just complicate things.
    - Learn to let go of things not really meant for you.
    - You cannot please everybody, no matter how nice you are and all that, you would have HATERS along the way.
    - Not all people would like to see you HAPPY even if they say so otherwise. ( UNREAL people)
    - At times, we need to be assertive, to let people come across our points and to avoid taken advantaged of
    -  Being "extremely nice" to people have it's pitfalls. (we are no saints)
    - Don't be too trustful of people - some are like "sharks" ready to pounce and drown you as their dark agenda  unfolds.
    - Belief in one's self is powerful- it could take you to greater heights!
    - "Over" in  self-confidence would leave you a trail of annoyed people because of you  being a braggart. So have just enough belief in yourself. There is nothing wrong being humble, (like when you prefer cheap web hosting than overly expensive domain names to gain cyber audiences) often these are the ones who are truly blessed!
    - Love happens even if you are just hiding within the confines of your shell - it will just knock at your door and it's up to you if you would let it in or wait a little while 'til the next knock.
    - We need not force things to happen simply because we expect them to turn out the way we wanted them to be - disappointment is just what one gets when all else fails.
   - You can feel and look young as you want to be! (there is a child within us all)
   - True love waits and is PATIENT!
   - Everything happens for a reason - there is a corresponding purpose behind things!
   - It is Ok to get angry but don't let it eat you up!
   - If the "going gets tough, let the tough get going"! - Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Technophile Geek

What are the tell-tale signs that you are suffering from a case of being a technophile geek? One who's inseparable from her precious gadgets as if these are already a part of her body. It is said that individuals who are too absorbed in the digi lifestyle tend to have high-tech nightmares, too. 

A term in Psychology, "cathecting" happens when a person  becomes too attached to another person or even objects. It's a similar case with what we call "digital dependence" causing depressive symptoms (referred to as their biggest nightmares) if they lose access to the  Net or giving up their phones.

In a study spearheaded by Intersperience, when participants were asked to cut off  themselves for one day from their addictive social networking habits, texting sprees and/or watching marathon programs on TV, about 40 percent of them exhibited depression. To some, the idea of disconnecting from the wired world is simply unimaginable.

This simply proves that a good number of people out there have become "slaves of technology". The cyberspace has emerged as more than just a past time for us Netizens. It has become our major means of sustaining relationships as well as living our daily lives at par  with the cyber culture.

We can't blame ourselves having come to this point of no return, for the Net has invaluably become indispensable tool from looking up on free classifieds, finding jobs, online business transactions and connecting to people across the globe.   

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Homey Career

What is the lure of having a home based job nowadays? With the advent of advances in technology in our modern times, one can enjoy his "work from home" gigs within the comforts of his humble abode.

Telecommuting and the paperless office is now in the mainstream with hordes of people having the time of their lives  working within the four corners of their rooms without the hassle, dassle of encountering annoying traffic jams, strict bosses they see face to face every single day and other stressors.

Some advantages of having a homey job :

1. You can work flexible time (in cases there is no designated time period to work).
2. You can do multi-tasking for there is no boss or supervisor lurking around to check you by the minute.
    (Help yourselves eating or munching on something while working, play full blast music at the background, etc)
3. Avail as many jobs as you can and accumulate your income, among others. 

A high rise of  home internet business was made possible because of the powerful impact of the Net where people from all walks of life can easily connect, engage in business transactions by just merely "clicking away". 

One can have as many sidelines  he can work on online  as long as  he keeps up with the demands of such jobs he was hired to do. Some examples would be copyrighting, blogging, copy pasting jobs, email handling and the like.Let your dollars accumulate and withdraw them anytime you wish to. For those who are gifted with some talents and skills, they can make money out of their once hobbies like writing, photography, poetry,  web designing and translations. 

There are eligible and legal sites  where you can register and get jobs be it  hourly, fixed, for a short and/or long  duration, some ranging from 1 week to less than a year- if you have a good relationship with your online employer that is.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Are Your Strings Been Stretched?

As an old common saying goes : " Patience is a virtue. " Are you one person who has great endurance waiting up on things, always accepting people's faults and flaws along the way?Have your strings been stretched to its limit prompting you to shout out at the top your lungs : " That's it! This is the last straw, I give up! " ?

I guess for each one of us, there is a certain limit to one's "patience". More like we seem to categorize each deed done to us by other people and circumstances we encounter each passing minute, according to its "tolerable level". If it goes beyond the red dots of tolerability, we then tell ourselves, ok quota is reached, we need to move forward.

While there are those whose character is really persevering or very understanding with a track record of having   the longest stretch of patience, oftentimes being referred to as having a "martyr-like syndrome", there are simply those who don't know the word per se for it's not in their dictionary list to wait for things or be way too understanding.

Our goals in life cannot just be attained in the blink of an eye or by merely batting our lashes once in a while. There is a corresponding time for everything under the sun. We have to wait on for some things in life like in finding a job, finding your soul mate, finding a nice house, succeeding in our chosen career or even in simply looking for a lawn care service.

In irony to these mentioned above too, if your string has been stretched to its speed limit and nothing good is really happening, you might as well think hard if its meant to be yours or you are just forcing things to happen to your life thus hurting yourself if you end up in sheer disappointment.If the need arises, move forward!

The Palette of Your Life

You are your own life's designer- your own artist every inch of the way. Painting your days with each color of you have in your personalized palette, a masterpiece is yet to unfold depending on how you stroke your brush and the colors you chose to use. 

Below are my own interpretations of the different colours representing one's personality :

Paint it with shimmering , neon hues when you feel you are overwhelmed with such bountiful manna from heaven or if you want the world to know you are one creative soul.(the Appreciative Soul)

Sky blue doesn't necessarily signify lonesomeness and being in a state of melancholy for in it's utter beauty, the color is relaxing and calming to the eyes.For not easily being knocked down by life's  down turns, this tinge is perfect to describe you. (the Cool Dude)

When you seem to exude a strong aura, fierce red would be your color- the color of power and might!It radiates an energetic personality, one who is a conqueror of things who doesn't easily give up and one possessing self-confidence.(the Leader)

Who said black just symbolizes grief, dark secrets and the like? When in actuality, it is a mixture of all the colors we see. It is also deemed classic and sophisticated, strong and vibrant.(the Flexible)

Most girls simply love pink, the symbol of femininity and LOVE! The girly type with a cool, appealing attitude and pleasant personality. (the Dainty Girl)

Love dressing in immaculate white? This hue represents purity of one's heart, a persona easily approached by people, always extending a helping hand to others. (the Pure Heart)

You can color your life lonely, color it happy, color it anyway you want it. You are your own designer and so like cad jobs, you create a draft of your imagination to come up with a winner.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Grandma's Ultimate Wish

***This was a previous blog in another site I wrote for my Grandma last  March, 2011. Now that she's gone, I opted to post this again (with some additions) for all to read. From a grand daughter for her doting Grandma. I wasn't able to grant her wish though and that greatly breaks my I knelt down to her and said sorry ...Find out her wish as you read on...

My grandmother is now in her 88th year and like any other time we get to talk, she still mentions her greatest wish for me (her first grandchild by her 3rd child who is my Mom) - of me finally getting married! She is of Spanish descent, a mestiza-looking Pinay-you can still trace her beauty hidden behind those age spots and wrinkled skin. Before, she's quite update about my love life. Always asking when will I get married...

Even though she is slightly having Alzheimer's now, she still remembers that her grandchild here is the one who is ought to have her own family soon...She is being taken care of my Aunts and Mom alternately for we didn't hire a maid service or a care giver for her...always teary-eyed once she urges me to go and get married and who would not shed a tear or two in this scene which keeps on happening between a grandma and her first grand daughter? I can't hold back my tears from falling on my cheeks the moment she tells me her wish of still being around once I finally walk down the aisle...of me wearing a flowing, regal wedding gown meeting my groom by the altar as we exchange our vows in front of God...

If only she knows that deep inside a part of me wants to tell her "Grandma, I also dream of having my own family in the future and I would love you to witness such wondrous and grand event in my life!" If there is someone in this world who is most worried about me not yet getting married, it's my beloved Grandma! And I always pray to God that I could still grant her fervent wish sooner.

 My bf knows about her fervent wish and even joked that we must hurry then and hope she could still wait for us.My grandmother sprained her hips when she had a bad fall last year and now she's bed-ridden. Can't sit neither sit up or stand up without anyone's help...I hope and pray that she gets to wait for me and if things work out between me and my bf Bry would be granting her wish sooner! I would buy her a wheel chair so she could go to the cathedral and see her beautiful first grandchild walking down the aisle!

***Farewell, my Grandma, you will always be remembered. You are my true No. 1 fan in my writings! We love you dearly! You still can witness my wedding one day right there in Heaven where you are now with Grandpa. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Embracing Change

We cannot control the changes that take place all around us by the second. It's the only thing that is constant in this world. Going against the will of the wind may sometimes just complicate things as we force ourselves to go fight the tides to have it our own way.

If it weren't for change, there wouldn't be realization of things we have ignored along the way. There wouldn't be improvements and moving forward to adapt to a much modern world or a phase in one's life.  Little do we know that these transitions are merely "blessings in disguise".  Fate could be brewing up better "agendas" for you that you may not fully notice and appreciate at first glance but then would be thankful for in the long run.

People react differently with such "metamorphosis" in their lives and also depends on what kind of "switch" it is due to take place and/or is currently taking place. A change in one's job whether forced or one's own initiative, a change in the current financial situation of a family; a change of address; a change to be made in one's attitude in becoming a better person and the list goes on. There are simply many changes occurring every  minute.

There is a saying that I will quote : " You must accept the road life takes you, your actions get you there and only you can take yourself elsewhere."   You live the life you create now and what you do today will have a great impact on where your cruise will ultimately take you forth. 

Embracing inevitable changes in our lives can be likened to sending out an order fulfillment service when we finally come to the realization that these wake-up calls have to happen for our own good and to make us better individuals.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Parent's Keepers

It is inevitable, all of us would eventually grow old and be wrinkled one day. There wold be no one else to care for your old man and old woman but you and your siblings unless you decide to just bring them to a shelter home for the elderly. But how does a couple cope up with the stresses of caring for an aging parent/parents? It has been said that having children was like "throwing a hand grenade into a marriage!" Couples encounter such great challenges rearing their kids when their family gets bigger. And having your aging parents move back into their marriage can have the same effects as what Dr. Charles Schmidtz and Dr. Elizabeth  A. Schmidtz stated in their studies..

Expect to take on an enormous amount of stress once you take on the responsibility of caring for your aging parents.  Here in the Philippines, where we have closely-knit family ties, taking care of our old parents is but a common thing. I am a witness how hard it is to be a care giver for the elderly as my grandmother, now about 87 yrs old already is bed-ridden and my aunts and Mom would take turns attending to her needs. And since she is one "demanding" patient, they are working their butts off and even complain. 

As old people go through their "second childhood", they want more attention and because it's like they are again behaving like kids, special care must be given to them.Tantrums, crying bouts and even weird "monologues" of days gone by and the deadly Alzheimer's disease are but some of the things encountered. Your patience would really be tested to it's limits and I guess should continue to stretch it up since you would be dealing with the same stuffs each passing day.Your sleep would also be affected as the grannies like babies awaken several times during the night asking for food  and others and won't stop calling your name out until you attend to them.

And so it's a cycle - you were taken care of by your dear parents when you were still young and the time will come you would be in a "reverse" situation.At times maybe those who are thinking the oldies became a "burden" to them would ask themselves if they are really the same parents who reared them before. Maybe even want to check through a home dna testing if they are the same people. (just kidding)

Out of gratitude and not because we were left with no other choice, we should  be our parent's care givers and/or nannies when the time comes their once strong  bodies metamorphose into frail, weak ones and the once young  vibrant countenance becomes wrinkled and creased. They are our own blood and so if we can take care of other people, much so we must care for them and be their keepers in their twilight years.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We simply cannot totally leave home just like that. When I mean home, it's  not just our humble abode, our daily refuge but our Motherland - our place of birth. While many were left with no choices but to flock to other countries for greener pastures, they simply cannot deny the fact that they still miss being "home".

It is embedded in your being - your identity as an individual, so no matter where you roam around the world, you will still have this raging desire to keep coming back to where you belong! How come some after staying a few years abroad find it difficult now to even speak straight using their own language? Obviously, they have acquired this "twang" accent and would love their children to possess it too. But it's rather silly when after just 1-2 years stay in a foreign land, you would say you've forgotten to speak in your Mother Tongue - maybe to brag to people around how "westernized" you have become. 

Many stories are told about how hard it is living far away from your family and the terrible fleeting feeling of homesickness when it strikes.Like a lost child in the woods, you cannot really explain the feeling of anticipation and excitement washing all over you once you are reunited with your family - your "home".

True, it is but a wondrous experience exploring the whole wide world- with all those magnificent things it can offer you.Feasting your eyes with the wonderful creation of God- nature, bodies of water and man-made structures to  behold to. But after wandering around, at times we still feel we are at a lost (likened to searching for refuge in free home listings). It's when we realize we still feel the need to go back to our place of origin - where your heart is. Where you have set foot the day you came into this world - your true HOME!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are You Losing Your Self?

It's way different from having a case of identity crisis but better yet more of losing ground, losing one's self to somebody you love. Yes, it's true that we want to be accepted for what we are by those people whom we love and come what may , should never ever let us much less demand that we change our ways for them.

Your life when you were still single is totally different when you are in a "two-some". If before, you have your full freedom  at all cost and nobody is out there to prohibit you from doing things, when you're coupled up, you got a significant other who will have to know your where abouts.You can eat all the delectable chocos you could find in the grocery store without worrying of your calorie count and splurge on anything that fancies you and even stay up late with a night-out with friends but not when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who will bug you to go home or text you 'til you leave your buddies. (of course I'm just exaggerating but then again..these can happen)

So in one way or the other, we sort of change when we enter a relationship. Just because we have to take into consideration the feelings of our partners and the commitment as well as trust in each other goes with it.If we fail to include them in our plans or  forget to inform them what's cooking with us, LQs (love quarrels) will emerge, past mistakes will resurface  and so misunderstandings threaten the once smooth-sailing union. 

But what if your lover would DEMAND that you change your ways so you can adapt to his lifestyle and you won't  be left out in the dark and be out of place in his different world? Would you be willing to shift gears and transform for the sake of your love for him and all? They say when we're "madly in love", we are truly blinded by what's happening around us. Even if we dig deep enough and realize things are  wrong, we still defy rules and common sense and  allow ourselves to be this martyr-like damsel with a "you and me againts the world" drama to prove our LOVE.

There is this one-liner post-breakup individuals keep on telling themselves : " I miss my old self." This says it all how one lived in a far different "dimension" when she was still in a relationship that she forgot who she really was.A lost soul now searching for her old self again.If only it's that easy like using a data recovery software to find ourselves once more after losing it along the way.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Vain Generation ?

We cannot deny the fact that the Net has greatly impacted our modern lives.With the advent of social networking sites like Face Book, Twitter and others, people can easily reach out to their friends, family, customers and/or audiences. It has made communication accessible and faster far across miles and oceans and also made possible to connect people from all walks of life, thanks to being wired  these days.

A percentage of  bad elements also proliferate on cyberspace and most often  than not too much involving ourselves online can do more harm as mentioned in some research. It was stated that social networking sites have created a self-obssessed  generation out of us who are now fond of looking up our names in the web directory. Too much exposure, the study said, leaves netizens with identity crises, short attention spans and this childlike desire to gain attention and  beg for feed backs.

Also, according to a professor at Oxford University, the wide spread growth of "online friendships" as well as too much exposure on self-absorbed computer games can "rewire" our "neurons".  The lingering effects , reduced focus, poor non-verbal  skills such as the ability to make direct eye contact in convos and constant  urge for instant gratification (praise).

Could it be that those least popular  peeps offline gain overnight stardom online with secret identities emerging as "mini celebs" with a flock of admirers who follow them or adding up tons of  "friends" they don't actually know personally so they could at least  be "in"?

Online, we create our own "world" far from reality. A place where we can gain admirers with just a click of the "like " button in seconds.

While some professions like writers, businessmen, media and celebrities use these indispensable networking sites to their advantage for connections and constant exposure to the public, ordinary citizens are sometimes joining the bandwagon and without taking the necessary precautions, might also be scandalized and be victims of malicious intents  that could go viral in the wink of an eye.