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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Technophile Geek

What are the tell-tale signs that you are suffering from a case of being a technophile geek? One who's inseparable from her precious gadgets as if these are already a part of her body. It is said that individuals who are too absorbed in the digi lifestyle tend to have high-tech nightmares, too. 

A term in Psychology, "cathecting" happens when a person  becomes too attached to another person or even objects. It's a similar case with what we call "digital dependence" causing depressive symptoms (referred to as their biggest nightmares) if they lose access to the  Net or giving up their phones.

In a study spearheaded by Intersperience, when participants were asked to cut off  themselves for one day from their addictive social networking habits, texting sprees and/or watching marathon programs on TV, about 40 percent of them exhibited depression. To some, the idea of disconnecting from the wired world is simply unimaginable.

This simply proves that a good number of people out there have become "slaves of technology". The cyberspace has emerged as more than just a past time for us Netizens. It has become our major means of sustaining relationships as well as living our daily lives at par  with the cyber culture.

We can't blame ourselves having come to this point of no return, for the Net has invaluably become indispensable tool from looking up on free classifieds, finding jobs, online business transactions and connecting to people across the globe.   

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