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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Vain Generation ?

We cannot deny the fact that the Net has greatly impacted our modern lives.With the advent of social networking sites like Face Book, Twitter and others, people can easily reach out to their friends, family, customers and/or audiences. It has made communication accessible and faster far across miles and oceans and also made possible to connect people from all walks of life, thanks to being wired  these days.

A percentage of  bad elements also proliferate on cyberspace and most often  than not too much involving ourselves online can do more harm as mentioned in some research. It was stated that social networking sites have created a self-obssessed  generation out of us who are now fond of looking up our names in the web directory. Too much exposure, the study said, leaves netizens with identity crises, short attention spans and this childlike desire to gain attention and  beg for feed backs.

Also, according to a professor at Oxford University, the wide spread growth of "online friendships" as well as too much exposure on self-absorbed computer games can "rewire" our "neurons".  The lingering effects , reduced focus, poor non-verbal  skills such as the ability to make direct eye contact in convos and constant  urge for instant gratification (praise).

Could it be that those least popular  peeps offline gain overnight stardom online with secret identities emerging as "mini celebs" with a flock of admirers who follow them or adding up tons of  "friends" they don't actually know personally so they could at least  be "in"?

Online, we create our own "world" far from reality. A place where we can gain admirers with just a click of the "like " button in seconds.

While some professions like writers, businessmen, media and celebrities use these indispensable networking sites to their advantage for connections and constant exposure to the public, ordinary citizens are sometimes joining the bandwagon and without taking the necessary precautions, might also be scandalized and be victims of malicious intents  that could go viral in the wink of an eye. 

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