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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Grandma's Ultimate Wish

***This was a previous blog in another site I wrote for my Grandma last  March, 2011. Now that she's gone, I opted to post this again (with some additions) for all to read. From a grand daughter for her doting Grandma. I wasn't able to grant her wish though and that greatly breaks my I knelt down to her and said sorry ...Find out her wish as you read on...

My grandmother is now in her 88th year and like any other time we get to talk, she still mentions her greatest wish for me (her first grandchild by her 3rd child who is my Mom) - of me finally getting married! She is of Spanish descent, a mestiza-looking Pinay-you can still trace her beauty hidden behind those age spots and wrinkled skin. Before, she's quite update about my love life. Always asking when will I get married...

Even though she is slightly having Alzheimer's now, she still remembers that her grandchild here is the one who is ought to have her own family soon...She is being taken care of my Aunts and Mom alternately for we didn't hire a maid service or a care giver for her...always teary-eyed once she urges me to go and get married and who would not shed a tear or two in this scene which keeps on happening between a grandma and her first grand daughter? I can't hold back my tears from falling on my cheeks the moment she tells me her wish of still being around once I finally walk down the aisle...of me wearing a flowing, regal wedding gown meeting my groom by the altar as we exchange our vows in front of God...

If only she knows that deep inside a part of me wants to tell her "Grandma, I also dream of having my own family in the future and I would love you to witness such wondrous and grand event in my life!" If there is someone in this world who is most worried about me not yet getting married, it's my beloved Grandma! And I always pray to God that I could still grant her fervent wish sooner.

 My bf knows about her fervent wish and even joked that we must hurry then and hope she could still wait for us.My grandmother sprained her hips when she had a bad fall last year and now she's bed-ridden. Can't sit neither sit up or stand up without anyone's help...I hope and pray that she gets to wait for me and if things work out between me and my bf Bry would be granting her wish sooner! I would buy her a wheel chair so she could go to the cathedral and see her beautiful first grandchild walking down the aisle!

***Farewell, my Grandma, you will always be remembered. You are my true No. 1 fan in my writings! We love you dearly! You still can witness my wedding one day right there in Heaven where you are now with Grandpa. 

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