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Friday, August 26, 2011

Step Into The LIght

How do you  combat negativity around you? There can be a lot of spoilers around us, "party-poopers" and negative stressors masquerading your way. These bad vibes circling our system can diminish our productivity and we become less motivated to carry on our daily grinds. They make you less focused on your goals and will either break you, waste your time and energy if not completely alter your whole being.

What if you are surrounded by time-wasters sucking up your zest for life? Have you got ways for stepping out into the light out of the dark tunnel you are in? Like the process of junk removal, there are ways seeing the cloud's silver lining by ditching these negative vibes.

"Once you replace negative thoughts, with positive ones, you'll start having positive result. " 

1. Tell yourself opportunities abound everywhere.

2. The Power of Giving  Thanks. As said time and again : "Count your blessings. There is a purpose behind things that happen whether  big or small. They all matter in the universe we are in.

3. Focus on your goal. Be always reminded what's your priority and steer clear of all things that might distract you from attaining your ultimate dream.

4. Pamper thyself. Love yourself more. Who else will? You deserve to treat yourself as a Queen or King at times out of those hassles you encounter in life from day to day.

5. Choose who you be with. Happiness is infectious so it's but good to surround yourself with cheerful, positive people rather than those whiners and complainers.

6. Join charity groups. You feel good once you get to help less fortunate brethren for there is simply joy in giving!

7. Give time to enjoy what  you dig. Take time out from work and other responsibilities for a while and learn to live again". Do your fun hobbies one again which will make you feel good about yourself after.

8. It is OK to be sad (at times). It is but normal to have down times for we are but human.Don't dwell too much on it though, just allow  brief moments then move forward.

9. Believe in yourself. "Faith can move mountains. " as one popular saying states. Remember, you are your own best and worst critic. If you have enough self-belief, you can conquer the world!

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