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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Parent's Keepers

It is inevitable, all of us would eventually grow old and be wrinkled one day. There wold be no one else to care for your old man and old woman but you and your siblings unless you decide to just bring them to a shelter home for the elderly. But how does a couple cope up with the stresses of caring for an aging parent/parents? It has been said that having children was like "throwing a hand grenade into a marriage!" Couples encounter such great challenges rearing their kids when their family gets bigger. And having your aging parents move back into their marriage can have the same effects as what Dr. Charles Schmidtz and Dr. Elizabeth  A. Schmidtz stated in their studies..

Expect to take on an enormous amount of stress once you take on the responsibility of caring for your aging parents.  Here in the Philippines, where we have closely-knit family ties, taking care of our old parents is but a common thing. I am a witness how hard it is to be a care giver for the elderly as my grandmother, now about 87 yrs old already is bed-ridden and my aunts and Mom would take turns attending to her needs. And since she is one "demanding" patient, they are working their butts off and even complain. 

As old people go through their "second childhood", they want more attention and because it's like they are again behaving like kids, special care must be given to them.Tantrums, crying bouts and even weird "monologues" of days gone by and the deadly Alzheimer's disease are but some of the things encountered. Your patience would really be tested to it's limits and I guess should continue to stretch it up since you would be dealing with the same stuffs each passing day.Your sleep would also be affected as the grannies like babies awaken several times during the night asking for food  and others and won't stop calling your name out until you attend to them.

And so it's a cycle - you were taken care of by your dear parents when you were still young and the time will come you would be in a "reverse" situation.At times maybe those who are thinking the oldies became a "burden" to them would ask themselves if they are really the same parents who reared them before. Maybe even want to check through a home dna testing if they are the same people. (just kidding)

Out of gratitude and not because we were left with no other choice, we should  be our parent's care givers and/or nannies when the time comes their once strong  bodies metamorphose into frail, weak ones and the once young  vibrant countenance becomes wrinkled and creased. They are our own blood and so if we can take care of other people, much so we must care for them and be their keepers in their twilight years.

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