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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Adjust Your Sail

"If you can't change the direction of the wind, adjust your sail." And so goes one quote. I overheard over the radio this morning from the preacher in blue jeans, Bo Sanchez about adjusting one's sails if the winds are going in the opposite direction.

In life, accept it or not, not everything we desire goes the way we want them to be.Yes, even if you're the most powerful and influential person here on earth, you can't control what's meant to happen in the universe. And so we are left with nothing but to adjust, adapt in such new environment, new situation, new relationship. But does adjusting have it's own limit? When do we call it quits or when do we wave our white flag signalling our surrender?

Adjusting to any given circumstance is synonymous to going with the flow of things and not going against the current of life. The more we push ourselves at the opposite direction of the waves, the more we can be on the verge of drowning. Acceptance of things that are happening and of things to come because of our own actions and of the natural order of things is but essential to maintain an equilibrium. The more you succumb to self-pitying and wallowing about your miseries, the more your vision is crowded and your mind cluttered, unable to process and see what's beyond life's mishaps that were thrown at you. Unless you are practicing a predilection of negativity, these way of thinking won't really take you out of your  rotten state.

If the will of the wind is to take you in an island far from what you have imagined, make the most out of it rather than feeling miserable. Remember: not all things are within your grasp. One's fate is incomparable to yours. We were made to grow in gardens by God because He knows it's the place where you can use your full potential. (a place which can be dreamy made even more beautiful by a photo canvas service) You just have to know which garden you belong to.

***photo courtesy of my Prince Bry's photography "Boat" (Australia)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happiness Is A Choice

Life is a beautiful, constant struggle. A roller coaster ride with up turns, down turns, slides and cross roads. A gigantic maze, an enormous labyrinth bringing us excitement, heartaches, hope, sorrow and memories worth reminiscing. In this journey, we humans search for that authentic happiness all our lives. Some turn to some mundane things (money, fame, material things) to feel complete while others depend too much on other people to fill that emptiness within themselves.  

But how do we really attain that elusive happiness which we pilgrims are dying to experience? For each and everyone of us being HAPPY can be defined individually. While others feel happy simply being themselves, others aren't yet contented to what they already have and still want some more. ( I guess humans aren't really contented.) But what if the HAPPINESS we are longing just resides within ourselves and was there all along? 

Learn to make yourself happy. In this way, even the simplest things would really make you ecstatic about your life.Being contented with what God has given you with, sans the envy we often feel when we get to see other people's luxurious estates, those who can afford to go to the best winter resort, sums of money and gorgeous sport cars. Being happy doesn't also mean being in a romantic relationship or coupled up like what desperate ones strongly think. We don't get happiness from another person, love is given freely and not primarily just to feel happy and "saved" by that other person. It would utterly be unfair to that other person to just be an "escape goat" of someone who can't find joy in her proclaimed miserable life.

The real truth: we create our own happiness and it starts from within ourselves.Another factor preventing one from experiencing the bliss of being happy: cannot let go of past hurts. Forget about the horrible things that have happened to you in the past. Learn to let go and free yourself! Holding on to bitter-sweet things that have disappointed you would be a great barrier towards attaining everlasting peace, contentment and ultimate happiness.

** blog pic courtesy of my Prince Bry's photography (Australia) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let Go Of the Shadow of Fear

How can we truly or authentically love other people if we are always living behind the shadow of an unknown fear? "We first have to overcome fear if we truly want to experience love." 

Some might have traumatic experiences from their past love lives that affect their present relationships. Close the old chapter of your past and turn the pages to a new and fresh beginning. The bad chapter of your life story doesn't necessarily define your present circumstances. Embrace the dawning of a renewed plot of your prospective love story and don't live a life full of fears and doubts stemming from flawed and broken chains from a time long gone. Crisp, fresh pages are created for you by the heavens just waiting for you to welcome  them with open arms and enjoy the wonderful new experiences yet to unfold. Remember : God will publish your love story but you must help Him compose a beautiful script full of life and lovely fond memories instead of always sorrows and strife.(how lovely it is day dreaming of a wonderful time with your significant other in a winter resort, right?)

There are other factors which deter a prospective love to unfold. Let me share these below as pointed out by Relationships and Life ReInvention Coaching (Philippines) :

"With men - they're afraid to try; always afraid of getting rejected
 With women - too afraid to encourage men; they're always afraid of being judged."

Who likes to be rejected anyways? Rejection is but natural in our lives since we really cannot have all things which we desire no matter how hard we try. The problem in this case is acceptance of disappointments and still have that drive and motivation to carry on and try again. If one guy blows up the chance to propose to a girl he likes, that could be one of his regrets - of not trying. He will just be bugged of asking himself "what if" questions. But what if the girl likes him too but was just waiting for him to make a move? 

Some women are really afraid of encouraging men for the fear of being judged. They always think of what will the guy or other people say if she makes the first move or be too friendly  which can be misinterpreted as being aggressive. "Subtle flirting" can be applied maybe or what one preacher coined as "flirtsoming". You make him feel special without being a pushover or throwing yourself at him like a desperate one.

Men and women are wired differently that's a universal fact- one is from Venus, the other hailed from Mars. So what is then the key here but to TRY and experience life. Without these disappointments and trials, one cannot be made strong to face whatever would still come their way. This does not apply only in the love  department  but in all aspects of our lives. Life involves risks - and they help shape what kind of person you would become. Having fear take charge of your life is like quitting even before you have tried doing something just because you feel discouraged or lack the drive.

Let go of your fear and move out of your comfort zone and experience how it is to really be alive! Try, fall down, get up and try again 'til you find your ultimate happiness.