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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happiness Is A Choice

Life is a beautiful, constant struggle. A roller coaster ride with up turns, down turns, slides and cross roads. A gigantic maze, an enormous labyrinth bringing us excitement, heartaches, hope, sorrow and memories worth reminiscing. In this journey, we humans search for that authentic happiness all our lives. Some turn to some mundane things (money, fame, material things) to feel complete while others depend too much on other people to fill that emptiness within themselves.  

But how do we really attain that elusive happiness which we pilgrims are dying to experience? For each and everyone of us being HAPPY can be defined individually. While others feel happy simply being themselves, others aren't yet contented to what they already have and still want some more. ( I guess humans aren't really contented.) But what if the HAPPINESS we are longing just resides within ourselves and was there all along? 

Learn to make yourself happy. In this way, even the simplest things would really make you ecstatic about your life.Being contented with what God has given you with, sans the envy we often feel when we get to see other people's luxurious estates, those who can afford to go to the best winter resort, sums of money and gorgeous sport cars. Being happy doesn't also mean being in a romantic relationship or coupled up like what desperate ones strongly think. We don't get happiness from another person, love is given freely and not primarily just to feel happy and "saved" by that other person. It would utterly be unfair to that other person to just be an "escape goat" of someone who can't find joy in her proclaimed miserable life.

The real truth: we create our own happiness and it starts from within ourselves.Another factor preventing one from experiencing the bliss of being happy: cannot let go of past hurts. Forget about the horrible things that have happened to you in the past. Learn to let go and free yourself! Holding on to bitter-sweet things that have disappointed you would be a great barrier towards attaining everlasting peace, contentment and ultimate happiness.

** blog pic courtesy of my Prince Bry's photography (Australia) 

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