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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take A Leap Of Faith

It's another leap year again and some do associate this with doing extraordinary things or a chance to step out of one's comfort zone and dive! 

I don't know if it's only in the Philippines wherein this certain "belief" is known when women can make the first move to a guy she's been eyeing since yes, it's a leap year! Or could  be a gf proposing to her man instead of waiting for him to pop up the "magical" question. Yes, silly as it may seem, it is  believed that women are "excused" once every 4 years to be kinda aggressive and make the moves. Well there shouldn't be any season, year or special days when ladies can do these stuffs in our modern lives nowadays.

For me, taking a leap of faith is not just mainly focused in the love arena but far more importantly stepping out of your way to accomplish things that have been put off for ages or succumbing for a dive into an unknown territory. Risky you might say? Well everything in life is a risk would you agree? It is in doing unfamiliar things at times which really give us excitement and a feeling of adventure in our otherwise routinary lives.

Enjoy the promises of great adventure and discoveries once we dare come outside our nests and reach for our far-fetched dreams.  The time is now! Life is too short to live in EXCUSES! Set aside those negativity and start your own "project". Who doesn't want to leave remarkable footprints here on earth before our journey comes to an end? You wouldn't dare dream of being remembered as someone whose a perennial complainer, whiner or ranter, would you? It's much sweeter to leave a golden legacy to people who believe in you than to be labeled as a loser who's afraid of failure who never takes chances.

Whoever said you're too old to learn new things or to reach for your much-coveted goal? It's never too late to gear up and make a difference in the world! No one should tell you that you cannot make it- you alone know yourself and your capabilities if you truly have belief in yourself. Go on and wow the world and feel how liberating it is.And when our Master Creator in heaven makes  "home inspection reviews", He would  be delighted upon knowing you have lived your life to the fullest! 

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