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Friday, November 22, 2013

My PENTASI B Experience

Another dream come true dawned on me one fine day, my dream of meeting some fellow local and foreign poets, writers and artists in a world class poetry event. A rare opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience as a published international poet was given to me via the PENTASI B Historical Forum and World Friendship Poetry Celebration 2013 held last November 15, 2013 at the National Museum of the Filipino people in the Philippines. Months before the said event, the Father of Visual Poetry, Doc Penpen Takipsilim told me about the upcoming international forum and a formal invitation was sent by October wherein it was stated in the letter that I was invited to the event and that I would be receiving a medal award as "Inspirational Poet 2013" for my contributions in the in the literary world, here and abroad. I was elated at the mere thought of receiving  my first medal as a published poet. Wow, another dream come true to be recognized!

The PENTASI B Historical Forum and World Friendship Poetry Celebration were sponsored by The National Library of The Philippines, The National Museum of the Filipino People in collaboration with The National Commission for Culture and The Arts.

Anticipation combined with nervousness and excitement enveloped me while the event was coming near. The though of meeting my fellow local and international poets was also overwhelming since we all just met and chatted on a social media platform - thanks to Face Book! 

I really started my once hobby which now I consider a career as a poet through my connections on Face Book in which I was first and foremost exposed to international groups and organizations. I have established my niche and status as a professional writer and an international published poet  having been featured in more than 30 international anthologies which includes global charity anthologies in the USA, UK, Africa, India and Canada. It was also through this social networking site that I get to join in some international poetry competitions, receive international awards and had a chance to get my first international poetry book "Seasons of Emotions" by Destiny To Write Publications, UK be published last January, 2013. My second upcoming book entitled "Inner Reflections of The Muse",a collection of poetry, prose, articles and quotes will be released January, 2014 to be published by Inner Child Press, Ltd. USA.

A month before the forum and awarding rites, I prepared myself, what wardrobe to wear, one that has that "artistic look " and so I came up with a printed maxi dress and had a black blazer worn over it. I don't usually attend to much events before, being just a low profile and quiet type of person. But God had magnificent plans for me and they are unveiling right before my very eyes!

Friends, my family and colleagues at work were too excited also for me and I really felt they are surely supportive in all my endeavors as a writer. As if they are the ones who will be receiving the award that day! They all gave me moral support that helped me develop my self-confidence more. I thank all my supporters, fans and mentors for I will not have gone this far within them backing me up throughout my journey.

At the hallway of  Marble Hall of The National Museum of the Philippines, our tribute poems for the Father of Visual Poetry were displayed. The color of the canvass of my tribute poem entitled "Poetry Magic" complimented my printed maxi dress that day.
My tribute poem, "Poetry Magic"

So what is PENTASI B? It goes way beyond modern poetry, transgresses all kinds of poetry and goes back into the ancient times as old as The Egyptian hygrolyphics. It is not block nor free verse style of poetry and works  beyond languages and words. It stands for P- Philosophical Evolving, Extraordinary N Genre Technology (4 Ms - Multi-modal, Multi-sensorical, Multi-angular and Multi-dimensional) Arts and aesthetics Science (essence of  The Father of Visual Poetry, Doc Penpen Takipsilim's work as a pathologist) Invention and innovation Bio or the life definition.

The PENTASI B Historical Forum launched a Filipino invention, PENTASI B, an innovative invention by The Father of Visual Poetry, Doc Penpen Takipsilim , a different form of visual poetry book that goes beyond languages with a mission "to inspire, to heal and to awaken" for the betterment of Humankind. The panelists elaborated on the new poetic form for better understanding and judgment. VIPs who attended were international delegates from different countries and local panelists  which includes Ms. Zayra Yves, a multi talented poet and creative writer from the USA, Sir Ashok Bhargava, founder and President of WINS (Writers International Network Society) of Canada; Sir Rogelio Ordonez, multi awarded Filipino writer and Ms. Lily Rose Tope of the Department of English and Comparative Literature of the University of the Philippines. The PENTASI B was first displayed at the University of British Columbia. 

It was truly an exciting and very enriching world class literary event honoring poets who made their heartful contributions in literature, talented, artistic individuals who made their marks in this world through their immortal poetry works. I had a surprise that really caught me off guard during the awarding rites. Instead of giving me a medal, they gave me a heavy weight, glass trophy! It literally left me in awe being on stage after my name was called and felt I was floating seeing myself there, Ms. Ceri Naz and Doc Penpen handing me the trophy and giving me a handshake! I was just speechless at that time, can't really open my mouth to say something to them!

Group picture with the awardees

The glass trophy presented to me is dedicated to my Dad, the late Roberto N. Castillo who celebrated his supposed to be 70th birthday last November 21st, days after the event. At first I thought it was a medal that I can bring with me when I visit him at the memorial park but then it was a heavy trophy so I wasn't able to bring it to him there for it was fragile. Here now is my first glass trophy, my certificate of recognition attending PENTASI B Historical Forum and my first international poetry book "Seasons of Emotions" along with his photo- these are my gifts for my late Dad who is in heaven now.My Dad who is one of my Number One fans! 

I am proud to be a Filipino and was really happy having been a part of this spectacular historical event as I answered one of the hosts during the event when he asked me how did I feel during that time.Truly poets, writers and artists affect eternity! Touching moments and irreplaceable, memorable moments with my fellow artists left a special mark in my heart that I will always cherish.
Me and my poet friend, Beng Nicdao

Me and fellow local and international poets

Me with my fellow local poets!
A shot during the opening prayer
Me teary-eyed during that touching moment that happened during the awarding rites

Imagine a world without poetry - a dull, lifeless world for poetry gives life and energy to all things around us.
Long live the poets, writers and artists who rock and affect eternity!
Our PENTASI B Group Picture In front of The National Museum of the Philippines

I would like to thank Ms. Ceri Naz and The Father Of Visual Poetry for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this historical event and poetry celebration and for recognizing my contributions as a wordsmith and poet. More power and blessings to you both! See you all in 2015 for another world class poetry event!

Note : Photos courtesy of Ms. Ceri Naz, Beng Nicdao, Doc Penpen Takipsilim and myself