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Friday, July 29, 2011

Our God Is Not A Season

In the course of our lifetime, we may experience ups and downs. Each one of us go through different seasons at certain periods. A season of abundance- when everything seems to be perfectly doing well. All things fall in their proper places.

A season of famine- when you seem to be in the pits, you feel as though heaven and earth conspired to put a curse on you letting you carry  heavy burdens on your shoulders.

We shouldn't get to worship God only when strife strikes you on the face! Remember He is a happy God and likes you to share your joys in every chapter of your life or when you triumph over hurdles along  the way.You maybe amazed how funny God is and that explains the humour around us that at times we simply ignore for we take things too seriously.

He doesn't change by the seasons for only God is not a season! In whatever circumstances we are in, trust in Him is  but essential. 

It's not only in church or any other holy place we can pray, we can pray in every place we are in at the moment - while commuting, while taking exams, while waiting for the  bus home, while we are in our work stations. And whoever said that when worshiping Him we should let everybody see us? It is your personal relationship with him - call on Him like a best friend you can confide on and He listens! But do we  truly listen to Him in return?

So, whether we are on cloud nine, feeling as though we are on top of the world or having difficulty finding missoula jobs, we can call on God for He has an open line to all. Every call is answered even if it's a hot line number to heaven. No ifs, no buts- when we pray, He will listen and answer these petitions in His perfect time!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

You Create Your Own Happiness

How many of us find ourselves tuning in to this notion: that happiness must depend on other people? How many lives have been left miserable believing that the emptiness they're feeling is because of a void that needs to  be filled-up by another "person"? More like waiting for someone to come along like a Knight in glimmering armor to rescue the "damsel in distress" syndrome in them. 

Many relationships have gone sour for they keep on blaming their partners  for not investing fairly - emotionally, physically, etc thus they say they ain't happy anymore for they continue to find "fillers" for the gaps about things they thought  is lacking in their union.

In actuality, these poor souls are just complicating their lives. We are responsible for our own happiness and nothing and no one will ever fix your life for you because you are the one responsible for it! Blaming your present circumstance or telling yourself you're stuck in a rut ( a hopeless case) simply attracts negative vibes along the way hindering your direction towards gaining simple happiness.

Our complaint list, whinings can get out of hand and could even stretch out longer than our life desire list. Everyday of our lives if we truly open up our eyes and gaze around us, we will realize out of the blue we have so much to be thankful for! Even those  things we tend to ignore along the way suddenly obtain meanings in front of our very own eyes. 

Watching the sunset, a simple gesture of a kind stranger; a baby's captivating smile; eating at your fave fast food chain; munching on your precious chocos or a  co-worker offering help or advice and the thought you still have awakened to a brand new morning are maybe quite plain things to many but they would be part of your wondrous memories one day.

Be thankful you have a wonderful and beautiful family despite Mom's nagging spree and  Dad's strict policies. Be thankful you still can buy simple pleasures in life when many other unfortunate souls simply cannot afford. Be thankful you still have a job, you enjoy doing even if it's as difficult as bozeman jobs or as simple as a street vendor.

Happiness is a choice. If only we could ditch the lousy feelings and just focus on our blessings each passing day, we could have a different perspective of the world we live in. As Bo Sanchez stated in his book "You Can Make Life Beautiful" and I quoted , " You and I have everything we need for happiness. Happiness isn't "out there" but something that's deep within us. We choose to be happy.We choose to make our lives great." 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Why is this fondness for snow? Those fluffy, immaculate white, pillow-soft (are they?) form of matter. Since my childhood days, I have this certain fancy for them until now in my adulthood. I live in a tropical country wherein there are just 2 seasons, so the thought of touching a ball of snow is vague for we don't have winter here. (sigh)

Unless I get to travel in other countries in the near future like Australia ( visit the Koalas, go to Kangaroo Island or go to the Blue and Snowy Mountains!), London (also to see Big Ben, which according to one of my Korean students isn't really big duh! what's her exact definition of big then? ), US or perhaps Canada (see the man-made Niagara  Falls).

Even my alias on my web avatars have "snow" in them : Snow White(I am Snow White of my high school peer group not that I am white but because I'm the tallest girl!; snowy, for my twitter and alias in some sites.)
In  the very near future, I could even name one of my kids "Snowy" or "Snowsky" ( gosh, doesn't sound good I think) More like endearments for pets. Just kidding.

I have watched on video some who had their first experiences  with snow- how they were truly amazed, rolling over the ground like kids who have just stepped outside to play! Maybe I would do a similar thing during my first encounter with  snow then or even way crazier than that.

Having a White Christmas as the song goes is also my dream, of gazing into tall pine trees covered with snow dust in what could be one magical winter wonderland!(must be the inner child in me bringing up these thoughts!) Well, it's really like that don't you think? We tend to wish or desire for things we don't have while those who have them at times feel dread for they abhor cold weather.

But still, I want to experience that, put on my coat and mittens with matching  boots and scarves. (of course even if you're trembling, freezing to death, you must still have a fashion sense to flaunt!)Take hold of a mould of snow and get ready to attack and play snow fight!

And oh! To build my own snowman or snow woman but I want  an enormous one more like the abominable snowman himself! Will clothe and style it too and take lots of pictures of it so my friends would be green with envy when they get to see them.

I would like also to try skiing or snow boarding and go to the ski resorts, observe some ongoing ski jobs there. That would be one heck of a wondrous adventure then! These dreams must come true soon then so I may pack my bags and fly away!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank God, I'm Alive!

It's such a hurried, on-the-go world we are living now. Caught up in our own madness and desire for materialism and momentary pleasures, we rush ourselves to work and can't even  look up and appreciate the clear, blue skies above! Or like what we used to utter : "Stop and smell the roses!"

How many of us still take the time and pause for a while to linger with awe on such a majestic, wonderful  world God created? Looking at the serene countenance of a cute baby, touching its fragile fingers, allowing her to caress our warm cheeks. What a wondrous feeling to know how such beautiful creation came to be! Take a glance at some butterflies  with multi-colored flapping wings daintily stepping from one flower to another or the multitude of captivating, blooming flowers in the filed, captured through a photographer's lens, creating a masterpiece of itself!

Are you also fond of watching sunsets? I fancy them even in my dreams of walking down the shore, on sandy beaches. Looking at a spectacular. magical scene as the sun bids goodbye at the far horizon. Sometimes I wonder, it's such an exciting and adventurous as well to have resort jobs and be close to nature. Every where you focus your eyes on is simply marvelous!

In a world where violence and greed is everywhere, natural disasters in every split of a second encountered, we still have to thank God above  for such bountiful blessings still around us! Take time to shout out to the top of your lungs : "Thank God, I'm Alive!"

***Blog pic courtesy of my bf's Nature and Landscape Photography
***Incidentally a pic of a sunrise not a sunset

Friday, July 22, 2011

Clash Of The Titans (Healthy Fights)

No two individuals are alike and expect when you get involved in a relationship to have a clash of personalities once in a while. There are couples whose attitudes complement each other well while some thrive on working out their differences for the good of their relationship.

You could raise your eye brows in knowing that some couples fight over teeny weeny things. A relationship has its ups and downs and it's a matter of  learning how to make compromises and having good open communication to keep a rock solid bond. Think about this too - it could be pretty boring if your partner is always uttering YES to you, it's like he/she doesn't have a mind of her/his own and is merely a "sponge" or acting like one just to please you and avoid disagreements.More like you are talking to a "wall paper" then.

Is there such a thing as a healthy fight? Don't wait 'til petty stuffs and even minor arguments escalate into something deeper and serious. Keep your fights in perspective and you can keep your relationship steady. Below are some tips I've gathered :

1. Don't be accusatory. Ditch the "you" statements and replace it with "I". Instead of saying "You made me feel uncomfortable with what you've said. ", you can say "I'm not comfortable with  what you've said." Choose your words carefully so as  not to provoke an even bigger argument out of a small one. Like  making a mountain out of a mole hill. In addition to this, if it's just a one-time mistake, ask yourself if it's gonna be a big deal or if you can just shrug it off and just move on.

2. Embrace your differences and once in a while clashes. Both of you like anyone else is in this planet is entitled to your own opinion on certain matters, so don't expect that you will always be in the same level or "wave length". Respect each other's views and agree to disagree.

3. Keeping "peace' during a fight. While having an argument with your  significant other, you can shoot in a lot of questions but don't ever cut your partner out of your discussion or the more tension would be building up between the two of you. Remember you're  "team mates" and so reference yourselves as a couple. Use "we" to appear to be a united front.

4. See the  bigger picture. Analyze thyself  why are you really irritated with your bf/gf. It is  better not to argue about incidents like the cancellation of a date but then the truth of the matter is you are in doubt if the other is losing interest in the relationship. (to some this is a big deal for them and so they readily pick up a fight with their lovers) Paranoia causes this and I know for a fact, we women are often guilty of this. 
There are other bigger issues you should be working on as a couple like fidelity and trust issues, family even financial among other things.

There are other times you're having a truly bad day at work and home or it's like you're waiting for an insurance claim or government grants for the longest time leaving you grumpy and turning your rants/nagging towards your partner heating up an argument which is also not healthy.

While the other is venting out his disappointments, the other should just listen first.If you've been together for quite a while, you should have known your lover's personality and how he deals with frustrating situations, it would be easier for you to calm him down.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Phases of Love

Just like the seasons of life, love relationships go through stages. It's but essential if you're currently involved in a relationship to be aware of such phases so that neither of you could be more or less emotionally attached than your partner at any given stage.

1. Getting-To-Know-Each-Other Phase - also known as the "no strings attached stage". You go out on a date because you're dying to get to know better the apple of your eye. There is no expectation yet of a serious commitment and you both are still open to dating others.
    Friendly advice : Don't go overboard and "overwhelm" each other with frequent marathon texts, calls and much worse be on this frenzy of flooding his/her FB wall with messages! Especially if you're a gal, and readily assume that  he is truly the "One" - he might feel suffocated early on and could go berserk if not ran for his life!
     So just enjoy the ride! Chilax!

2. The Open (Ended) Phase - Emotionally-confusing stage wherein after passing the casual phase, you still date others if you choose to.
    How to gauge if each party is committed - Better have a heart to heart talk and set your boundaries for your so called "relationship". Depends on the  mutual agreement of  the couple, so make sure you are on the same boat to avoid over expectations and fall hopes get in the way.

3. Testing The Waters Phase -  Or the so-called "Exclusively Dating" stage where couples  agreed NOT to go out with other people BUT is not a sure fire way to get hold of a committed relationship. Since you two, are not yet "officially on", technically it ain't a formal relationship yet.

    Ask him/her if you're both on the same level of "commitment" or not so as to save yourselves from heartaches when and if one of you decides to enter the dating scene again. Ever heard of  a "change of heart"?

4.  The Romantic Phase (Enchantment Stage) - This is commonly referred to also as the "Honeymoon Phase".It is in this stage where most love relationships start off and could be such a wonderful phase! Love birds feel ecstatic, energetic, inspired, giddy and on cloud nine, it's as if literally, you're high on drugs!  Blame it on the special endorphin in the brain which makes couples can't get enough of each other because of that "in love" feeling. Like the experts say, it is just a  chemically induced phase,cannot and should not last forever. 

This could go on from 6-8 months but can vary from couple to couple. Some could last only a few weeks time and simply die out while others 2-3 years. But just like "drugs", it wears off as it is just temporary. As they say, LOVE is more than a feeling itself...there are the realities of life a couple must face head on.

When a couple is already in the committed or serious relationship stage, both should exert efforts to work things out and as much as possible iron out differences in the long run more like doing property management kind of thing. Keep the romance alive, fresh and exciting!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just-For-Now-Gf Vs. Future-Wife

According to Aileen Santos of Relationships and Life ReInvention Coaching here in the Philippines :

    "Generally, a woman tends to use the same criteria for choosing a boyfriend as she does for choosing a husband.
     Meanwhile,  men often use a different criteria for a "Just-For-Now-Gf" than they do for a "Future-Wife" and exert more effort for the one they think they could  marry someday."

Do you agree with what was said above? It has also been said and heard over again that women tend to search for bf's and/or future husbands whose got similar attributes like their fathers. Seems that a good number of women are not only that attached to the pillar of the family but as well as looking up to their dads especially if they are good role models. I think it maybe somewhat true since I was all along looking for a man who is as sweet and romantic as my father. This can  be attributed to the fact that I get to witness as the years go by, how he expresses his love to my Mom by giving her sweet cards every single occasion! I even stumbled upon a collection of his poems for her! (Now, you know where I got my poetic side) And so my future hubby should be sweet like my Dad who never fails to swoon my Mom. 

With regards to men when choosing their "flavor of the month" or "momentary darlings"  until they finally get to choose among the flock his "future-wife", they set up different "requirements" as stated above. What could  these pre- requisites then? It's not like they're going to put up a press release on the qualities of a future-wife they are looking for or setting up an ad that says application going on, please be your best self.

While there are those who jump from one relationship to another since they all don't work out, it could be that all along in their subconscious  he knows his exes aren't the One for him! (what do you think?) Or could be that it really wasn't meant to be and so they move on to the next 'til the time they've met the girl of their wildest dreams!

How then can a guy tell whether their main squeeze, the  girl they've been dating could very well be the One he will be putting a ring on and eventually take to the altar one fine day? And a counterpart question for women is : How do you project yourself to men : a just-for-now-darling or a wife wanna-be?

As mentioned above, if the girl they've been eyeing is wife material, he would exert much effort into the relationship and would do anything to let the relationship work out. He wouldn't leave you that easily though he could have strings of flings in the past. It's still you he wants to be with the rest of his life! If on his mind you are just a momentary darling, he may take you for granted and you would feel as though there is something lacking in your relationship or it could be that he isn't that committed to you.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Juliet's Knight

What makes a knight in shining armor? As they say, nowadays, chivalry is dead or is thriving so to speak. Here's hoping we could somehow revive it but how can a dude be a true-blue gentleman? It's more than opening doors and offering seats for us femmes.

In an age-old custom here in the Philippines, during the time of Maria Clara (she is an epitome of a classy, modest and conservative Pinay), picking up her hanky once she drops it is an act of valor.  Same with carrying her bags and things even though guys would look like "baggage boys" or much less than dorks.

Slowly, some gentlemanly ways are vanishing from sight and I don't just mean the things men do for their lady loves but as well as treating other women and older women. Have you seen some pregnant moms and grannies standing inside buses and trains and no one is offering them seats? 

It really pays to be a true gent admired by other men for your suave handling of every given situation and by women for you Romeo-like ways.

A noble gentleman's manners are almost always irreproachable. While it's more than dressing appropriately for an occasion, (more or less like joining a photo contest), knows how to treat women, should act his age (though men mature slower than us females) and is always fun to be with.

True, that a gentleman follows established rules but a gentlemanly behavior is not entirely about the do's and don'ts, but much about common sense and courtesy according to a book, "How To Be A  Gentleman".

How many men here do these things?

@ Always keeping to the right, whether walking on the street, down the hallway or on the stairs.

@ Does not text while walking. ( Oh no!  many do the opposite now)

@ Doesn't wipe a lipstick stain in the presence of the lady who planted it on him. (You must wear it as a  "badge of honor" and wipe it away  a little later when she's gone from sight. Wait for the coast to clear, Captain Hook!)

@  Waits until a lady at the table lifts her fork  before he takes his first bite. ( no matter how starving are you, your belly growling like Lion King. )

@ Always has a "brolly" to share. (British term for umbrella).  Or do you just share it to a sexy, gorgeous lady you drool over  while ignoring the others?

So, how can you be a gentleman in your own suave ways?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Have Guts, Will Propose

It has always been the man popping the sacred question " Will you marry me?"since time immemorial. But since we are living now in a "twisted" world, any thing can happen in the blink of an eye. Well, we even have same-sex marriages now and different types of relationships sprouting that we haven't even imagined there could be before. Smile

So what if your lady love would be the one taking charge of the life-changing proposal? Picture the scene in the movie "The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock, down on bended knees in stilletos at the center of the street. (Well to most I think this wouldn't be appealing but then again...) Smile

In a survey, some say it's still a man's territory and letting and or WAITING for the guy to propose is "classic". They wanted their kids and grandchildren to know how their dads and grandpas popped up the question complete with paraphernalias, sweet background music and the sorts. And still some say we should let the man ask our hand in marriage when they are READY for they can't imagine themselves being humiliated once he rejects the idea! Ouch! Tongue Those are the replies of the so-called "traditional or conservative sweethearts".

While the " go-getting femme fatales" have these answers : They don't mind following their hearts contrary to other's beliefs and could take the risks. Some don't see anything wrong breaking up the rule (is there really such a rule?) and doing the first move, don't care about a "conservative society" and just be happy. So these types don't believe in gender roles. If they realize that they are the Ones they want to spend the rest of their lives with, they wouldn't waste a single minute passing by and would readily ask "Will you marry me? Smile

What if you women out there are caught in a dilemma of asking your man to get married since you've been together for quite a long while and are both ready, would you initiate the proposal? Do you have enough guts and glory to do so? ( I knew of some who did this "giant leap" and are now happily married. Smile ) They are even proud telling people around how they "forced" their bfs to get hitch pronto! LOL Tongue (Some would think , a desperate act? Well, I don't know, too since they are pictures of happy families.) In my case, if the guy is deserving and is one great catch, why not?? Tongue (BUT only if I'm sure that he has plans of taking me to the altar one day and I will just fast-forward it when necessary. LOL Tongue) A shotgun wedding is not appealing to me though but that's another story. Wink (another blog) Smile

And to men, how would you take this idea of your lady proposing to you? Would you run and take the escape route? (Just kidding! Tongue) or would you think it's kinda flattering and sweet?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

Have you already found your niche in this world? Or are you finding it difficult to search for your place in this planet, the reason why you hop from one career or advocacy to the other?  Many are still at a lost in their lives living without any sure direction where they're headed for. Caught up in circles, like a man lost in the woods, this could be a tedious repetition of sorts if we are in this kind of dilemma - we haven't discovered yet our true mission and/or we don't know what we really want!

Some of us might have far-flung dreams still left unattained but  just had no choice but to stay put working on something they don't even have enough drive or motivation to continue doing in the long run. Dreams stay as dreams until we do something about it! It is but free to keep on dreaming, wishing on the same star each night and desiring for something but wouldn't you want it to  be REAL not REEL? Sometimes it is but lovely to be caught up in our own world, day dreaming but there comes a time when we have to get out of that dreamland we've created in our minds and put them into action.

Every being created by God is special and each one of us have our own God-given talents we should be using and sharing. You haven't  discovered yours yet? You say you're already old but who made the rule that only young ones can dream and make them all come true one day? Get inspired by those grandpas and grandmas who delved into educating themselves even in their golden or twilight years just so they could  be proud of themselves attaining something they've wanted to achieve even in the last chapter of their lives!

But yes, you shouldn't be waiting  'til your hair have all turned grey before doing something or make a name out of things you are good at - opening a clothing boutique of your own designs and creations, making good use of your photography skills and be a big shot or get the help of a business website builder if you like to jump start in an online business. Don't live a life or regrets as they say.

God places us in "gardens" where we definitely belong to so we should bloom where we were planted and make good use of His gifts and don't put them asunder much less waste our precious time here on earth 'til our final destination.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eating To The Green Of Health

Are you up for the challenge of  being a vegan or a pescie? (derived from "Pescetarianism" - the practice of a diet which includes seafood and excludes other animal meat. Can also have the variation, pesco-vegetarian, one who avoids meat or following a veggie diet but eating meat occasionally, according to Wikipedia.

We all love eating meat - pork,  beef, chicken as we go satisfying our palates  and/or preparing different kinds of mouth-watering delicacies each time. But can you imagine yourself downsizing your platter to just the greens along with rice and fish sans meat and poultry?

I am one veggie lover and once in a while instead of going to the fast food chain or my my fave chicken restaurant, I opt to dine in a vegetarian resto once a month. That's when I feel sick to my stomach of always dripping my taste buds with meaty, oily food and crave for other variations of my fave dishes with just vegetables as main ingredients.

A number of people are now switching to vegetarianism out of different reasons. Now it's more than ethical and religious reasons but also much weight  is given to one's health like avoiding cardio-vascular diseases, associated with meat consumption. There are those active members and advocates of PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who have shunned food  that causes suffering or death to animals.

Here are some health benefits of going green according to some vegetarians :

1. Can help you stay in shape without slaving yourself at the gym because even if you consume many calories, you're  not getting the saturated fats and cholesterol from meat.(You won't have to picture yourself in some obese blog because you can stay fit and fab!)

2.  Veggies clear the skin.

3. You keep yourself away from diseases like diabetes, arthritis, kidney diseases etc..

4. You get more vitamins and minerals naturally.

5. Can gain lots of energy and stamina from veggies. Just think of vegetarian Olympians, Carl Lewis and Martina  Navratilova. 

Life Is A Rat Race Sometimes

I have written this short entry before about my perception of LIFE  - "Life is like a race sometimes. You struggle to reach the finish line, running fast as you could only to realize you come to ignore some things along the way. We immerse ourselves in the our daily grind of busyness of this fast-changing world when suddenly one day, reality hits us on our faces, we forgotten other more essential things than mere riches, fame and popularity.In the end, it strikes us, that we take for granted the bigger picture life has to offer.Even the people we care about would sometimes be just at the background longing for us to give them due attention and nurture.Life is short to be filled with regrets and "could-have-beens". Why not slow down for a bit, allot precious time with your dear loved-ones and be a role model to younger people than merely attending to worldly pleasures that last only a second. True happiness cannot be attained by having lots of money but by giving out our love to one another especially to those who need us."

People are not really contented to what they already have. Some though already in power and enjoying bountiful  riches still succumb to greediness still wanting for more. Even if it means stepping on less fortunate fellowmen  who are just striving to achieve better lives. Even if out of the highest seat they could attain, truth and honesty will be sacrificed.

Life has been and will always  be a  tight competition of sorts anywhere we see it - at work, in school, in politics and show business and even simply waiting for the bus ride home. Anyone who is quite weak and slow would be easily trampled on  and left in the dark howling for help.While those aggressive ones would readily make it to the finish line or hug the limelight. 

But do all of them play fairly? All are in but a rat race vying for the first place and at times they care less for those people whom they might have ignored along the way to success all because of  this futile efforts to a pointless pursuit.
In such a hurried , fast-paced, changing world we have, have we ever asked ourselves  what's the point of all these things - acquiring  tons of wealth (some ill-gotten) and instant fame and gratification when once we arrive home, we still feel this emptiness from within? If what we are living for is just for OURSELVES and not even a bit for the OTHERS?
If we just equate HAPPINESS to having momentary mundane things? If  what we all do is cease all "good food" there is to take without even  thinking of helping the less fortunate brethren and when you feel like you are going to "burst" with all those fat intakes, you go check an obese forum to help you at least "shed" out those bad elements that have gotten through your system out of selfishness.

Having said these things, we can then ask ourselves at the end of the day, "Have I played fairly in this never ending race of  my life and  beyond?"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Under A Love Spell?

It is but common knowledge that when one is inspired, you can see it through her blooming persona, rosy cheeks, captivating smile and pretty aura! One has that certain glow and her pleasant personality shines through. It's like one is under a magic spell or something and that permanent grin is plastered all the way to the ears likened to Joker, arch enemy of  Batman. (as if undergone a botox  surgery). Pardon the pun.

Some funny vestiges of one under a love spell:

@ always prettifies herself, dressing up and the sorts.
@ a calming attitude exuberates from within, always uttering "it's Ok." even to some disgraceful moments since she doesn't mind.
@ you notice her staring into space and again wearing that signature smile (at least  not an evil smirk ) thinking of someone or something being replayed on her mind with her imaginary rewind button
@ is always checking her phone inbox , saving sweet messages form her lovey-dovey even if it's half a century old!
@ posting status messages about LOVE in all it's mushiness
@ if she's poetic enough, her works depict about her MI AMORE

(Now, asking myself if it's ME I simply described above).

These manifestations though, I rather find "silly" since they are age-old sayings handed down from generations:
@ one cannot sleep and eat well when he's in love
@ pimples breaking out especially on the nose indicates one who has fallen hard to someone else  (Oh! Come on!)

It can also be that "love can make you fat!" If and when  being inspired makes you eat more sweets or your lover loves eating too and so you become partners in crime  in the kitchen! (well, good luck on calorie intake!) And after gaining extra added fats, you will  look for a weight loss blog to help you shed some of it the next day out of guilt.

But above all, this is what I know: "Love should be able to bring out the best in you!" Couples should be inspired enough to fulfill one's career and any endeavor in a meaningful way, which will in turn help their relationship grow.In sickness, fatness and in mushiness. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lost Souls Need Our Care

This is one feature article I wrote for a local newspaper in our city I worked for but was unfortunately left unpublished maybe due to some reasons beyond my knowledge - maybe "political" or whatever. I just like to share this now here online even if it wasn't given a chance to be published on paper for I still consider myself a journalist.The scenes I described in my  story was way back 2007....Leaders have come and gone but have they done something for these lowly people or have they still been focusing on less important things to leave good impressions to the electors? Has their plight changed now? Big changes occurred within  my city like big buildings, numerous food chains and beautifications but then similar characters in  my story still roam our streets day and night...

     “Taong grasa”... What makes a taong grasa? Why the term? There are a few number of “lost souls in Antipolo City, not just the “taong grasa” Men, women alike, adults and children. Street beggars, abandoned elderly, street children, those who came from the province hoping for a greener pasture in the city.
       I was prompted to write about interesting personalities but I opted to feature first “disinteresting” people who ought to be in the limelight despite their lowly stature.

The Mendicant's Plight

     Tatter-demalion or “taong grasa”. Underneath those coats of dirt, underneath the “scary” countenance lies a troubled soul crying out for help although we may not hear out his anguish.
     On the streets of Antipolo, we can see them lurking at one corner, masquerading around the city, unnoticed by passersby, ignored, ridiculed by some hypocrites.
     Along the city plaza, one of these “taong grasas” is but a normal sight among passersby. Let's just call him by the name of “Gracio'. Thin-framed, wide-eyed, wearing tattered clothes, with coats of thick dirt as his second skin, my friend, Allan Garcia from Antipolo Hills used to give him  food ration everytime he passes by. “Si Gracio, pansit gusto nyan. Bumubili ako sa Bernie's tapos humihingi yan ng pansigarilyo.” But now, Gracio's  ration has stopped since Allan migrated to the United States.
      “Gracio's” hair has grayed over the years, many public officials  have come and passed, but up to now, he is still trapped in his miserable predicament. The street became his permanent home – a refuge he considers his own maybe up to his last breath. He's not a sight to behold especially for tourists who come to visit the city.
         The “stripping lady” of  Antipolo – let's just call her by the name of “Gracia”. A woman maybe in her 40's or younger, strips her clothes by the church patio and all the crowd, “uzis”, could do was watch her as if it's a free “live show”. Pitiful beings...Laughing stuck...Is this our way to care for these souls?Not because they're just ragamuffins, they are not entitled to have a decent life like each one of us.

Misery of the Street Urchin's Life

           Street children or “street urchins” - homeless children who live on the street, in particular, those who are not taken care of by parents or other adults. They live in abandoned buildings, containers, automobiles, parks or on the street itself. The term street children also refers to children for whom the street more than their family has become their real home. They  may not  necessarily be homeless or without families but who live in situations where there is no protection, supervision, or direction from responsible adults.
           In developing countries, they are subject to abuse, neglect, exploitation or in extreme cases, murder by  “clean-up squads” hired by local businesses. Branded as “anti-social” or demonstrating “anti-social behavior”, these urchins are viewed with suspicion and feared by many who would simply like to see them disappear. The public view of street children in many countries is overwhelmingly  negative. There is an alarming tendency by some law enforcement personnel and civilians, business proprietors and their private security firms, to view street children as almost “sub-human”
          Along the streets of the city, one can find or perhaps encounter these urchins. Some of the rugby boys along ML Quezon St. Those who pester  customers at McDonald's. Children neglected by supposed to be caring parents.
          The hardship of street life should not be underestimated. These children, out-of-school youth, who should have spend their time in school studying, instead of wasting their time on the streets, annoying passersby, begging money or bits of food from fast food chain customers from the city even those devotees who visit the city to attend mass must call the attention of our authorities.

                                                      Take Care of Our Grannies

              Filipinos, having closely-knit family ties, love our elders but sad to say that there are but a few who neglect or abandon their oldies.
              Some of the relatives of these elderlies opted to just leave then in hospices or shelter homes for the aged. A few unfortunate ones were intentionally abandoned and just let them roam around the streets. There is a dire need to care for the old. We must relieve their sufferings and reach to these disadvantaged elderly citizens.
              Homeless aged people can be seen on dark alleys, begging for food or money, some mentally ill but society just lend them a deaf ear behind their woes. This week, we are observing the National Grandparents Week. Let us show our love and concern for these grannies for we will too in the coming days will wear out and have gray hairs like them. The elderly needs us to guide them and care for them in their twilight years.

                                        Urban Phenomenon Is  A Social Responsibility

                Destitution is an urban phenomenon and shouldn't be left unattended. These pitiful beings need our prompt attention – the prompt attention of our local government. In my own point of view, next to drug addiction, this problem  needs immediate action. We shouldn't turn a deaf ear to this  predicament of our fellowmen. For me, this people are supposed to be tagged as “interesting”. The local government must have a valuable “interest” to help them out. In every city, not just in Antipolo, they are likened to “garbage” left unnoticed, but if noticed once in a while, will just be “dumped” to some place, by the authorities, not a genuine help. They are but victims of a cruel world who abandoned them instead of sheltering them from harm and providing them the comforts of life. We, the society has a social responsibility. Each individual, whether it is the government, a corporation, an organization has a responsibility. Helping the needy, the poverty-stricken is the heart of “pro bono publico” - a Latin phrase which means “public service”. It is based on humanitarian principles – saving lives and alleviating the sufferings and offering the poor , the right to life with dignity.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are You An Apple Or A Pear?

Are you gifted with an hour-glass figure that is second- glance worthy or do you have such a skinny, model-type  lean body?  While many of us know that beauty is just skin deep, we still can't help ourselves from being body conscious even counting each calorie intake everyday once we gained a few pounds. Isn't it silly  when today you give in to your cravings and feast on your fave foodies then feel guilty afterwards, starving yourself the next day thinking you can shed instantly the number of calories you have had? A yoyo diet isn't also good for the health and can affect one's metabolism.

Studies stated that women are more worried about their body image than men but then with vain metrosexuals sprouting now a days, even men are guilty of this. They also want to look  more macho if not achieve a well-toned body and have six-pack abs, looking up total gym reviews nearly killing their butts off everyday.

One 's shape can also be attributed to what runs in your genes. You can  belong to a family of pears with large hips or belong to a tribe of bananas (sticks) with fats distributed in the abs,  buttocks, chest and face.  Apple-shaped women have the highest risk of developing heart diseases while hour-glass shaped have the lowest. But not all can readily embrace what  type of body God has given them thanks to media hypes and technology,  many of us have forgotten what gratitude is all about. We don't feel contented to the " authentic body"  the Creator gifted us with. Some go out of their way and "enhance" themselves even if it means splurging on big bucks. 

Do you wonder at times if  you happen to see God face to face in heaven if He ever would still recognize you when  you've done a  lot of "overhauling" on your body?

What's important is we have a healthy body that we can equate with a happy body no matter what shape God has endowed us  with. If only the next time we hit the scale, it's not only the weight gain we can notice but also the peace of mind that can be acquired  by being at peace with our bodies! Just think that you are one succulent pear or apple who embraces her inborn figure proudly.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sleeping With The Frenemy

Are you one among those who have rubbed elbows with a frenemy? Likened to a dish, frenemy is a portmanteau of a friend and an enemy rolled into one. An appetizing foodie that became bitter at some point. Another spelling variation is "frienemy".

"Keep your friends close and your frenemies closer." Quoted from urban dictionary online, "a frenemy is an enemy disguised as a friend."  Be careful of two-faced peeps  whose words and actions always seem to  bring you down instead of lifting your spirits up during desperate times. They could have other black propagandas and/or hidden dark agendas pre planned behind your back. Like a dragon, these freaks might suddenly lash their tongues under flames on you anytime, once they are given a chance.

The Anatomy Of A Frenemy :

@ someone whom you pretend to like though deep in your hearts you both know you dread each other.

@ a so-called "friend" or a selfish dude who only thinks about himself as if the world just revolves around him. Also referred to as the "toxic friend", always emitting  negative auras once  she steps into the room.

@ someone whom you have shared good times with, like normal friends do along but then unknown to you, has a vile and random hidden "dark side". This is the friend who have become your back stabber and  cynic at one point, dishing out your dirty linen in public that could instantly ruin your reputation.

Have you ever asked yourself if a friend is "authentic" and not an "imitation" (fake that is)? Although we can really get to know an individual as time passes by, maybe takes years of interaction until we can readily say one is a BFF (best friend forever) material or a merely a "user-friendly" creep hunting for preys in the dark alleys. 

Imagine this scene shot in the workplace wherein you get to deal with different kinds of people and some of them might be just back biters. Wouldn't you feel uncomfortable working with these plastic species who seem to monitor your every move as if they were the CIA, FBI or something? Might as well consult those portable scanner reviews so you can detect  who is being TRUE to you or not. If only it's that easy enough.

But then again, some say that their frenemies became their BFFS overtime. Could be a case to case basis then for at times we have bad impressions of someone we just met but changes overtime once we truly get to know each other well.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do You Travel Light?

"Those who have enough love in their hearts travel light in this life's journeys." says the priest in his homily, one Thursday when I attended mass. 

One who has faced a lot of challenges, trials in the course of his lifetime can either be made stronger head on but a few others remain weaklings and easily give up to fold their wings.An individual who has enough room for love within his heart can easily handle adversities, they don't consider them as mere burdens but as great opportunities to prove their worth. Who was ever born without experiencing a single problem in this world anyway? 

Like in the lyrics of the inspirational song sang in church, "Lift Up Your Hands To God", we should cast our burdens upon God, those of us who are heavily laden, lift our hands to God and He will make us feel alright.Once we let go and let God, we give Him full authority to make wonders in our lives, to lighten up the dark tunnel of our paths, to move us in great heights and make our journey hassle free.

As what I have mentioned above, people might  either be toughened by life's blows but is not enough reason to have a heart of stone. The grudges we still keep inside of us for as long as we can remember will be same things that could slowly eat us up 'til we can't feel anything anymore - a numb heart with no feeling beating without a rhythm.

In order to travel light with no excess baggages left for safekeeping inside our personal vault, we need to throw out the "junks" - those things that hinder us from experiencing what good life is all about. It's also likened to being "fit" and fab, light weight to be able to move freely around. Ditch the junk foods, eat healthy food, exercise regularly and other great tips we can get  from 24 hour fitness reviews.

There are  proper "foods for the soul" sans the negative energy emitted from keeping tons of "i-hate-yous" in your travel bag. Enjoy your journey, keep travelling light in this fab world!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Teacher Miss Robotica

South Koreans spend thousands of dollars a year for their children's English education. Learning the English language doesn't stop from going to school in the daily life of a common Korean student. They still go to academies and/or English institutions then go online to study with a teacher again remotely.There are already a lot of online English learning centers here in the Philippines which cater to not just Koreans but as well as  Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese and Turks. On the Net when you happen to stumble upon online tutoring reviews, most outsource English teachers from the Philippines because of cheap labor costs.

With the shortage of English teachers, the Korean education sector was compelled to take the next logical step and plan a $45  million pilot project  in utilizing telepresence tools in the classroom.They wanted to help the foreigners they outsource from different countries to reach out to their students effectively. And so was the birth of the distant relative of the Transformers - Engkey!

In late 2010, about 30 egg-shaped robots with the alias, "Engkey" short for English Key were deployed in schools in Korea firstly in Daegu. The robot teachers carried the avatar face of a Caucasian (some mistaken her to be an Emma Watson look alike) woman but behind the robotic English teacher's voice, brace yourself is a Filipino!

The setting can be imagined to be straight from a sci-fi movie with students interacting with Miss Robotica who changes her facial expression too like a human teacher thanks to technology.This happens when the camera captures the Filipino teachers changing facial emotions which then are mimicked by the avatar.

The robot maestro was developed by KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology). Engkey is measured at one meter (3.3 feet) high, has a TV display panel, wheeled around the classroom while communicating to the students. It has a small screen at the head and are embedded  with microphones and speakers. The dumpy appearance of the mechanical maestro was aimed to keep students from  becoming intimidated especially the timid ones but then we are not sure if discipline has to suffer.

They target of having a robot in each Kindergarten classroom by the year 2013 which can help save money and prepare their kids zooming in for the 21st Century or the space age in the near future.

In the next 2-3 years maybe, we can find inter galactica classroom settings with students complete with space suits and advanced tools for studies debating with their mechanical  maestros. I  don't find these mechanical figures threatening my job as an online English teacher for I can one day be one of the teacher bots behind Engkey. One thing is for sure - it cannot operate without an efficient and effective Filipino teacher  behind it!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Spinning Round-Robin Dating

In this age of "instants",  what with all trapped in such a hurried busy life, almost anything you can think of would be there in front of you with just a snap of your finger.  And even the dating game is not spared from this evolution for its made available faster than a speeding bullet. Tailored-made for  both those workaholics  anonymous and always-in-a-rush yuppies; the daring desperadoes and/or Dora the Explorers. 

Are you willing to take up the challenge of an 8- minute getting-to-know stage as a prelude to hooking up with an interesting person? According to Wikipedia, speed dating's origin can be traced back to Jewish tradition as a way to  help Jewish  singles  meet and   marry. The very first speed dating  encounter took off in Beverly Hills in late 1998. And by the year 2000, was boosted thanks for the portrayals in shows like the Sex  and the City fame. It was cited that such kind of dating saves time, as people can  quickly (or would "hastily" a more appropriate word to be used)decide if they are ever romantically compatible  and strongly believes that first impressions almost always are permanent. (?)

How It Is Prepped Up :

And so the scene in such a dating  circus is like this : Men and women are rotated to mingle with each other over a series of quickie-doo (pun intended LOL )"dates", with a usual time interval of 3-8 minutes which will largely depend on the organizer though. A ring of a bell sounds off or a clink clank of a glass (we commonly do this too when we are at the wedding reception right? For the newly-married couple to kiss!) signalling the participants to move on to the next "target", "candidate", "applicant" or what ever term you might call them. Each searcher and searchee then are asked to submit  their lists of who they would like to provide their contact  infos to. These infos are then forwarded to both parties, if there is a match.

These grease lightning dating escapades are  now widely  spread in parts of  the United Kingdom, The United States and  Canada. Mainly, they specify an age range  for men and women, could be slightly older   range specified for men. Some might feel that this kind of avenue for meeting the One is more advantageous  compared to the other means of mingling with possible interesting people at bars, discotheques and other places.  They said everybody is purportedly there to meet someone special, they are grouped into compatible age ranges,  and it is "time efficient"  and the structured interaction eliminates the need to introduce oneself. (I can't imagine this, really)

While I'm not  totally against this dating scheme,  I guess some would readily fit in engaging in it while others simply shudder at the mere thought of feeling like you're a candidate for a  beauty pageant or a job applicant. 

Amazingly in my research, I discovered that in a 2005 study at the University of Pennsylvania of multiple HurryDate speed dating events found that most people made their choices within the first three seconds of meeting. Wow, in split seconds! With just a few blinking of an eye!    

Any of you here who have tried this speedy dating thing? Are you up to this kind of challenge?