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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eating To The Green Of Health

Are you up for the challenge of  being a vegan or a pescie? (derived from "Pescetarianism" - the practice of a diet which includes seafood and excludes other animal meat. Can also have the variation, pesco-vegetarian, one who avoids meat or following a veggie diet but eating meat occasionally, according to Wikipedia.

We all love eating meat - pork,  beef, chicken as we go satisfying our palates  and/or preparing different kinds of mouth-watering delicacies each time. But can you imagine yourself downsizing your platter to just the greens along with rice and fish sans meat and poultry?

I am one veggie lover and once in a while instead of going to the fast food chain or my my fave chicken restaurant, I opt to dine in a vegetarian resto once a month. That's when I feel sick to my stomach of always dripping my taste buds with meaty, oily food and crave for other variations of my fave dishes with just vegetables as main ingredients.

A number of people are now switching to vegetarianism out of different reasons. Now it's more than ethical and religious reasons but also much weight  is given to one's health like avoiding cardio-vascular diseases, associated with meat consumption. There are those active members and advocates of PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who have shunned food  that causes suffering or death to animals.

Here are some health benefits of going green according to some vegetarians :

1. Can help you stay in shape without slaving yourself at the gym because even if you consume many calories, you're  not getting the saturated fats and cholesterol from meat.(You won't have to picture yourself in some obese blog because you can stay fit and fab!)

2.  Veggies clear the skin.

3. You keep yourself away from diseases like diabetes, arthritis, kidney diseases etc..

4. You get more vitamins and minerals naturally.

5. Can gain lots of energy and stamina from veggies. Just think of vegetarian Olympians, Carl Lewis and Martina  Navratilova. 

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