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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

Have you already found your niche in this world? Or are you finding it difficult to search for your place in this planet, the reason why you hop from one career or advocacy to the other?  Many are still at a lost in their lives living without any sure direction where they're headed for. Caught up in circles, like a man lost in the woods, this could be a tedious repetition of sorts if we are in this kind of dilemma - we haven't discovered yet our true mission and/or we don't know what we really want!

Some of us might have far-flung dreams still left unattained but  just had no choice but to stay put working on something they don't even have enough drive or motivation to continue doing in the long run. Dreams stay as dreams until we do something about it! It is but free to keep on dreaming, wishing on the same star each night and desiring for something but wouldn't you want it to  be REAL not REEL? Sometimes it is but lovely to be caught up in our own world, day dreaming but there comes a time when we have to get out of that dreamland we've created in our minds and put them into action.

Every being created by God is special and each one of us have our own God-given talents we should be using and sharing. You haven't  discovered yours yet? You say you're already old but who made the rule that only young ones can dream and make them all come true one day? Get inspired by those grandpas and grandmas who delved into educating themselves even in their golden or twilight years just so they could  be proud of themselves attaining something they've wanted to achieve even in the last chapter of their lives!

But yes, you shouldn't be waiting  'til your hair have all turned grey before doing something or make a name out of things you are good at - opening a clothing boutique of your own designs and creations, making good use of your photography skills and be a big shot or get the help of a business website builder if you like to jump start in an online business. Don't live a life or regrets as they say.

God places us in "gardens" where we definitely belong to so we should bloom where we were planted and make good use of His gifts and don't put them asunder much less waste our precious time here on earth 'til our final destination.

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