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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank God, I'm Alive!

It's such a hurried, on-the-go world we are living now. Caught up in our own madness and desire for materialism and momentary pleasures, we rush ourselves to work and can't even  look up and appreciate the clear, blue skies above! Or like what we used to utter : "Stop and smell the roses!"

How many of us still take the time and pause for a while to linger with awe on such a majestic, wonderful  world God created? Looking at the serene countenance of a cute baby, touching its fragile fingers, allowing her to caress our warm cheeks. What a wondrous feeling to know how such beautiful creation came to be! Take a glance at some butterflies  with multi-colored flapping wings daintily stepping from one flower to another or the multitude of captivating, blooming flowers in the filed, captured through a photographer's lens, creating a masterpiece of itself!

Are you also fond of watching sunsets? I fancy them even in my dreams of walking down the shore, on sandy beaches. Looking at a spectacular. magical scene as the sun bids goodbye at the far horizon. Sometimes I wonder, it's such an exciting and adventurous as well to have resort jobs and be close to nature. Every where you focus your eyes on is simply marvelous!

In a world where violence and greed is everywhere, natural disasters in every split of a second encountered, we still have to thank God above  for such bountiful blessings still around us! Take time to shout out to the top of your lungs : "Thank God, I'm Alive!"

***Blog pic courtesy of my bf's Nature and Landscape Photography
***Incidentally a pic of a sunrise not a sunset

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