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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Juliet's Knight

What makes a knight in shining armor? As they say, nowadays, chivalry is dead or is thriving so to speak. Here's hoping we could somehow revive it but how can a dude be a true-blue gentleman? It's more than opening doors and offering seats for us femmes.

In an age-old custom here in the Philippines, during the time of Maria Clara (she is an epitome of a classy, modest and conservative Pinay), picking up her hanky once she drops it is an act of valor.  Same with carrying her bags and things even though guys would look like "baggage boys" or much less than dorks.

Slowly, some gentlemanly ways are vanishing from sight and I don't just mean the things men do for their lady loves but as well as treating other women and older women. Have you seen some pregnant moms and grannies standing inside buses and trains and no one is offering them seats? 

It really pays to be a true gent admired by other men for your suave handling of every given situation and by women for you Romeo-like ways.

A noble gentleman's manners are almost always irreproachable. While it's more than dressing appropriately for an occasion, (more or less like joining a photo contest), knows how to treat women, should act his age (though men mature slower than us females) and is always fun to be with.

True, that a gentleman follows established rules but a gentlemanly behavior is not entirely about the do's and don'ts, but much about common sense and courtesy according to a book, "How To Be A  Gentleman".

How many men here do these things?

@ Always keeping to the right, whether walking on the street, down the hallway or on the stairs.

@ Does not text while walking. ( Oh no!  many do the opposite now)

@ Doesn't wipe a lipstick stain in the presence of the lady who planted it on him. (You must wear it as a  "badge of honor" and wipe it away  a little later when she's gone from sight. Wait for the coast to clear, Captain Hook!)

@  Waits until a lady at the table lifts her fork  before he takes his first bite. ( no matter how starving are you, your belly growling like Lion King. )

@ Always has a "brolly" to share. (British term for umbrella).  Or do you just share it to a sexy, gorgeous lady you drool over  while ignoring the others?

So, how can you be a gentleman in your own suave ways?

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