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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sleeping With The Frenemy

Are you one among those who have rubbed elbows with a frenemy? Likened to a dish, frenemy is a portmanteau of a friend and an enemy rolled into one. An appetizing foodie that became bitter at some point. Another spelling variation is "frienemy".

"Keep your friends close and your frenemies closer." Quoted from urban dictionary online, "a frenemy is an enemy disguised as a friend."  Be careful of two-faced peeps  whose words and actions always seem to  bring you down instead of lifting your spirits up during desperate times. They could have other black propagandas and/or hidden dark agendas pre planned behind your back. Like a dragon, these freaks might suddenly lash their tongues under flames on you anytime, once they are given a chance.

The Anatomy Of A Frenemy :

@ someone whom you pretend to like though deep in your hearts you both know you dread each other.

@ a so-called "friend" or a selfish dude who only thinks about himself as if the world just revolves around him. Also referred to as the "toxic friend", always emitting  negative auras once  she steps into the room.

@ someone whom you have shared good times with, like normal friends do along but then unknown to you, has a vile and random hidden "dark side". This is the friend who have become your back stabber and  cynic at one point, dishing out your dirty linen in public that could instantly ruin your reputation.

Have you ever asked yourself if a friend is "authentic" and not an "imitation" (fake that is)? Although we can really get to know an individual as time passes by, maybe takes years of interaction until we can readily say one is a BFF (best friend forever) material or a merely a "user-friendly" creep hunting for preys in the dark alleys. 

Imagine this scene shot in the workplace wherein you get to deal with different kinds of people and some of them might be just back biters. Wouldn't you feel uncomfortable working with these plastic species who seem to monitor your every move as if they were the CIA, FBI or something? Might as well consult those portable scanner reviews so you can detect  who is being TRUE to you or not. If only it's that easy enough.

But then again, some say that their frenemies became their BFFS overtime. Could be a case to case basis then for at times we have bad impressions of someone we just met but changes overtime once we truly get to know each other well.

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