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Friday, July 29, 2011

Our God Is Not A Season

In the course of our lifetime, we may experience ups and downs. Each one of us go through different seasons at certain periods. A season of abundance- when everything seems to be perfectly doing well. All things fall in their proper places.

A season of famine- when you seem to be in the pits, you feel as though heaven and earth conspired to put a curse on you letting you carry  heavy burdens on your shoulders.

We shouldn't get to worship God only when strife strikes you on the face! Remember He is a happy God and likes you to share your joys in every chapter of your life or when you triumph over hurdles along  the way.You maybe amazed how funny God is and that explains the humour around us that at times we simply ignore for we take things too seriously.

He doesn't change by the seasons for only God is not a season! In whatever circumstances we are in, trust in Him is  but essential. 

It's not only in church or any other holy place we can pray, we can pray in every place we are in at the moment - while commuting, while taking exams, while waiting for the  bus home, while we are in our work stations. And whoever said that when worshiping Him we should let everybody see us? It is your personal relationship with him - call on Him like a best friend you can confide on and He listens! But do we  truly listen to Him in return?

So, whether we are on cloud nine, feeling as though we are on top of the world or having difficulty finding missoula jobs, we can call on God for He has an open line to all. Every call is answered even if it's a hot line number to heaven. No ifs, no buts- when we pray, He will listen and answer these petitions in His perfect time!

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