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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

World Healing, World Peace Advocate

I am an Official World Healing and World Peace Poetry 2014 Sponsor! My Sponsor's Badge is up now here on my blog site.This great advocacy is spearheaded by William S. Peters and Janet Caldwell of Inner Child Enterprise Ltd., USA with their mission to elevate consciousness, effectuate change, work collectively and leave a legacy worthy of their presence. I am a proud member of the Inner Child Family!To be part of this great family is truly an honor for they have given me many opportunities in my writing career and they are a group of caring, loving and talented, amazing people.

Please consider becoming an Official Sponsor of "World Healing World Peace Poetry 2014" and claim your Sponsor's Badge. Have your Name or Organization and Web Link Advertised Globally for FREE !!!! There is no obligation except your Consciousness. ~

You can also find the Facebook Page of World Healing, World Peace at to get updates.

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