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Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Scary Movie Gave You The Creeps?

This is an updated entry which was posted last year. And since Halloween is coming, might as well write about some eerie stuffs though I know some don't dig them and just cringe at the mere thought. (some would even maybe try a self storage to hide themselves first) I composed this post just out of the blue after having a horror movies marathon yesterday. I have watched " Death of A Ghost Hunter", "The Legend Of Sorrow Creek" and "The Nun" and will continue to still see some more today.

Not a goth or something, I simply love frightening flicks and even adore the Master of Terror, Stephen King's masterpieces!  Got a cd of his classic "Salem's Lot" and a multitude of his bestselling books in my room cum mini library. I have read somewhere that some people who are crazy about horror flicks simply love scaring themselves and immersing themselves in another dimension with encounters of the third kind along with other spine-tingling adventures. I am also into paranormal phenomena maybe because I got this third eye that I don't wanna develop, though.  I'm too sensitive to feel things around me. 

Some here might know about the infamous "The Exorcist" starring Linda Blair, well youngsters may not have heard of it but I'm sure some of your parents have watched it too. ( it's not that I'm "old", though ) The film is quite a scare, really. I guess that one gave me the creeps and was all goose-bumpy!  When I was younger, my family and I used to watch Christopher Lee's vampire movies in Wednesday Shockers.

I also dig mysteries in the "Twilight Zone" and Alfred Hitchcock's "Are You Afraid of the Dark? " Some would find it weird but then each one of us is weird in some ways.

The Japanese horror flick, "The Ring", I don't find that frightening though, just surprising when Sadaku suddenly appears from inside the well or right through the television. I'd rather find it amusing. When you get to see our some of our local Pinoy horror films, they are not that scary too and some you would find somewhat funny. (in the tradition of Scary Movies)  I'm not much into zombie thingys, less on vampires now but I prefer those based on true stories like "Grave Encounters" which makes it even scarier for the scenes are based on actual videos of a documentary done inside a haunted hospital in the USA. I also had a chance to also watch this Korean psycho-thriller film, "The Sisters" which I really don't find scary at all.

So folks, which horror flick gave you the creeps and kept you at the edge of your seat?

Happy Ghost Hunting! 

Creepily yours,

Morticia Addams in behalf of my hubby Gomez Addams 

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