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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Journey Through Seasons of Emotions

It used to be just a childhood dream from the past of seeing not just my byline in some magazines and newspapers but of gracing the front cover of a book - of my very own book! Yes, I was this once unassuming lass from way back who dreamed of becoming a writer and of ultimately publishing my own book that would be my gift to the world. I am currently a professional feature writer/blogger/poet/contributing editor/columnist and have experienced featuring my articles in both the local newspapers as news correspondent in the Philippines and in a corporate magazine as feature writer and also for 2 international magazines, Inner Child the Magazine and Winning Strategies Magazine. Poetry then was just one of my well-loved hobbies.I started posting my compositions on a social networking site's poetry groups and from there I started to contribute pieces to international anthologies by the year 2011.

I have been scribbling poetry since my elementary days up 'til now and how they have evolved through the years! I started composing love poems and now has gotten into deeper, more meaningful pieces ranging from feel-good poems, nature poems, love poems and even dark poetry as well as poetry-prose. Yes, as I also wanted to be a flexible writer and poet to make masterpieces that depict various feelings that come from the deepest core of the human heart. 

My Virtual Bookshelf of the International Anthologies I Was Featured In (not updated yet)

I have been featured in almost 20 plus international poetry/prose anthologies in the USA and UK and winning the  Best of 2012 Poems free book publication contest by Destiny to Write Publications, UK of Barry Mowles, paved the way for me to finally have my own book - "Seasons of Emotions". The book title was originally an idea of my significant other Bry which was "Emotions of Seasons" at the first stage but I changed into "Seasons of Emotions" - a collection of poetry depicting a roller coaster ride of various emotions just like the changing seasons.

Winning Strategies Magazine, an international magazine where I am one of the columnist also got to feature me in an interview after winning the international contest.

To make the book more personalized I asked the publisher if we could provide the cover design and so Bry also made 2 book cover samples at first and we agreed on the final cover which seems simple but mysterious with the quite "creepy" branches of the lone tree in what seems to be a deserted land. As the famous cliche, "Simplicity is beauty." We also got to learn that most people loved the final cover than the first book cover sample so a decision was made in favor of the second design.

First Book Cover Sample
Final Book Cover

I am now a Goodreads Author and it is also a helpful tool for me to promote my first book as I also have made also a Goodreads book page for "Seasons of Emotions".

My Goodreads Author Page

Seasons of Emotions Goodreads Book Page

"Seasons of Emotions" is first and foremost a book dedicated to my dearly departed Dad, the late Roberto N. Castillo who died just last year succumbing to liver cancer. I got my being poetic from my Dad and I have included 2 of his immortal love poems written for my Mom circa 1960s.

I have broken up my book into 12 Chapters where you can get to read and experience different reflections of the muse in different stages of her life depicting the changing seasons. Some of the most-loved pieces I created are included in this special book and so lovers of my poetry will find this a nice collection worth keeping and or be given as a gift to a loved-one. Another thing that makes this poetry book special is that part of the proceeds of my book sales will be donated to charities particularly in helping street children, sending a child to school through World Vision and helping cancer patients. This book is not just all about me but my gift to the world- the gift of words! Please help me with this noble cause by purchasing your copies of my book.

You can now purchase paperback copies of "Seasons of Emotions" online at

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