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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moving On To The Other Side

Why are there some people who can't easily move on and keep on looking back their past hurts and struggles?
There are those who carry traumatic experiences in their childhood which can later on manifest during the course of their adult lives.Not yet emotionally healed from the past aches, they can't seem to let go of their phobias and may often disrupt if not destruct one's family or career.

While some are born  with a strong personality they got from either their mother or father, others have this weakling attitude of not being able to face squarely every adversity they come to encounter. These ones easily give up and quit even if there is still hope to hold on because of what have happened to them in the PAST.

Yes, I know experience is the best teacher but can we ever tell ourselves we have learned from the mistakes done before if we easily surrender our guns? The are also instances that, yes, we have to back out only if we think it has gotten too far and/or that it's not really meant for us and that God said NO!

Your fortune today would be entirely different from your luck the next day. And I believe that the more you think you will fail, the more you attract the negative vibes within you and what surrounds you.Maybe it would be easier if  we can buy a self storage unit  for each failures and hurts that have come our way and pack them all in one stockroom but promise ourselves to never open them again.

"Problems can either  make or break us." It's our choice to either stay at our current predicament or rotten  state or get up and fight again to the finish line, finally moving on to the other side!

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