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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ms. Venus and Mr. Mars Brain Connection

We all know that guys can't easily decipher what's going on women's complicated brains and vice versa. Happy"Women are from Venus and men are from Mars." Do interplanetary movements in then universe then play an important role in the way of thinking of people? LOL Tongue The conflicts arising from a different set of beliefs or ideologies and even arguments on petty things leave both sexes tangled in a cycle that just keeps on repeating in spirals. Tongue
In studies conducted about female and male minds, it is confirmed how differently we are wired.Happy And the way our brains were "assembled" can have a heavy impact on our love lives. Happy It is but crucial if we can decode the way our partners behave in certain situations to prevent petty quarrels that might lead to fights and help us connect better with each other. Happy
Here are some points worth taking down in love-related scenarios when we often have mismatched brain signals and how to handle them :
Scenario 1 : When your bf is gone so quiet while you're catching up on things that have happened to you during the day. It doesn't mean that when men go silent and you merely observe him saying "That's nice. " or "oh, ok", he isn't really interested to what you're saying. Happy Men aren't that talkative and detailed like us women. They don't talk a lot unless it is really important. Happy Guys also answer questions that are specific in nature. Like for example you know that he had been to his appointment with the doctor today. You can ask how did it go and what were the results of his lab tests? They don't go telling you every bit of information in details what had happened to them. Happy
They also respond well when you talk about their interests like about music, movies and sports they love. HappyIf they know you're quite inquisitive about something that they like doing or showing interests too, you will catch their attention.Your guy would start spilling and at times you may not catch up. LOL Tongue
Women on the other hand if we go quiet at times, there could be something bothering us to the bone.Or that we simply are not in the mood to talk which will leave you guys asking if we are sick or something. You could leave us first alone by ourselves and when we 're ready to spill, we will be the ones to approach you. I know you guys have trouble guessing what's on our minds if we suddenly turn cold towards you. It may not necessarily mean you are the problem at times it's just "us". Tongue
Scenario 2 : Sharing problems and working on stress. Women are more into ranting and venting out their everyday woes at home and work to their partners than men are. Happy When both of you turned out to be stressed at the same time, don't readily conclude that your bf as being unsympathetic. Men when under stress are less likely to be sensitive to other's feelings.When men prefer to be alone when they're undergoing tough times, women on the other hand want to talk about what they've gone through.
There is no good forcing your bf to tell what's bothering him at this time. Gals don't be too pushy on your bfs. If they want to tell you their problems, wait for the right time when they're ready.Give each other space first and just assure him you would be there if he wants to talk. Happy
Scenario 3 : Recalling significant dates. Guys are not that into remembering important dates like we women do. Ever heard of couples fighting because the husband always forgets special occasions ?And most especially when you guys forget anniversaries and worst birthdays! Tongue Maybe it helps to organize his calendar and put an alarm on each significant day? LOL Tongue Or to constantly remind him of an upcoming celebration? That would leave him annoyed I think. Tongue Women on the other hand recall even the tiniest things you did on your first date or when did you actually meet, what were you wearing that time and how clumsy you are. LOL TongueGuys then can just make it up to us girlfriends by buying things or spending much time with us the next time. More on the actions that you feel sorry though and not just material things. Tongue
I guess there are other instances that men and women should meet half way to avoid LQs (love quarrels) HappyMaybe it's just making compromises and learning from each other day to day. No easy way to decode each other's complicated brain works. Happy Don't over analyze, it's simply the way we are. Tongue

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