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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Princess Pack Rat

My room is my secret sanctuary where I can be all day accompanied by the things I do love the most. I've got a collection of stuffs that I have accumulated through the years, some having sentimental values having been given to me by my good friends and the like. Some I have outgrown but the child in me simply can't let them go!

I'm like any kind of lady who loves shopping for clothes (if I have the means) and my closet is so full of them my Mom at times nags me off to give some of them to other people or relatives. I have bought them out of my earnings and though some really don't fit me anymore, I just can't easily give away since I know their prices and that the style and designs are unique. I'd rather let them hang in there where I can sneak through my outfits I used to wear before and at times I "reinvent" my jeans turn them out into skirts; I also design my tops with patches and the like to make them appear newer and hip. 

Maybe I can put up my own "clothes reinvention shop", create it's own website and advertise online using a backpage promo code to boost up my sales! Wow, another crazy, creative imagination this writer has on mind that may well come true in the near future. I also own a vast compendium of books of course obviously being a book worm, I get to buy lots of books of diverse genres ranging from science fiction to detective stories, self-help ones to horror novels as well as spiritual. These are my precious treasures, my refuge when I want to just immerse in my own private world once in a while.

My room is not that  big so imagine a mini-library inside plus stuffed toys plus shoes plus clothes plus bags and other clobbers you could  think of. LOL I'm a princess pack rat yes, I am.Oh, I can hear my Mom's nagging voice again at the background." Arrange your room, it's all a mess. " Of which I reply only to myself, "It's not a mess, I just don't have enough space to put them all in here." Meaning all I need is a bigger room!. (grin)

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