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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Runaway-to-be Brides'/Groom's Cold Feet Syndrome

This does not just happen in the movies wherein the lead actress after compromising many things suddenly wakes up one day to realize that the man she's going to meet in the altar wouldn't be good for her. It might be that the plot of the story making the woman run away from her own wedding when her first love reappears from nowhere or that a change of heart happened because of some unavoidable circumstances. Happy

What if this happens to you after being engaged to the One At The Moment, you felt this strange thing bugging you even whispering to your ear that it wouldn't be right to marry the person whom you thought was your true love? Well things happen that could contribute to such sudden emotions that we might not have foreseen before we commit ourselves to marrying the person. Happy

Is this just a fleeting feeling of having cold feet at the mere thought of spending the rest of your life with someone whom you weaved dreams with and promised to love ever after?? There is still time to back out, another whispering voice tells you. My grandma told before when I was engaged to be married to my then ex Egyptian bf : " If you are having second thoughts of marrying him child, don't push through with the wedding. Your intuition might be telling you something. " 

Truly enough something happened that made me decide to call off the wedding. I broke up with him after getting fed up with his frequent violent moods and realized that his lifestyle and personality is completely different from mine. Happy I even designed my own gown that time and was all excited listing people in my entourage. LOL Tongue But weird as it may seem, I wasn't that hurt after breaking off all communications with him. Such a thick faced jerk still wanting to re-enter my life after cheating on me too. LOL Tongue I could have lived in luxury and would now be based in Dubai, he can even help my family with their business but all of those things he offered I turned down because he isn't right for me! Happy That was years ago folks. He he Just one of those jerks who entered my life. Hmmm well he tried to contact me again but eventually blocked him off again. LOL Tongue

So there's a lesson there : When you, out of the blue find yourself asking is this person the One for me?? There could be something wrong about the relationship that you just couldn't see along the way because you have metal blinders. LOL Tongue

It's different when you have certain questions regarding the relationship but if you are questioning the person whom you will marry, that maybe your subconscious giving you hints that problems may arise in the future. I don't want to be another runaway Princess. LOL Tongue

Now how to save one's self from marrying the wrong person? That would be the next blog that I'll be posting. Happy

Note: Snowy on an inspired-as-ever writing mood Tongue

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