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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Odd Writer In Me

This is one entry I wrote before but only uploaded here now…

I’m at the middle of a mall in Ortigas, Pasig City sitting beside people who opt to stop for awhile by the circular seats. if some take their time to rest and stop and kill time for awhile or just hang around, I’m caught up with storming ideas enveloping my mind, infos circling my head about to explode if I won’t be able to write them down my draft notebook (not the mini computer but the one used by students with paper pages)…I’m not cramming, rushing my articles to make it up for the deadline but it’s just one of those episodes in  a writer’s life when your brain gets flooded with "data", each one trying to outdo the other… 

Geez, I’ve got to take these "crazy" ideas down or they might leave my mind the next 24 hours! or the worst is yet to come - I might lose my sanity!I don’t care about other people’s chit-chats, other’s uncontrollable laughter, sweet nothings they whisper to each other’s ear…I’m gifted with a powerful concentration that I can finish an article or draft amidst enormous noise surrounding me…he he! while others mind and complain a lot, they can’t find a conducive writing environment, fortunately, I’m one odd writer who likes noise at the background to keep me going more than silence…(keeping the TV on, listening to music, a crying baby beside me,my mother shouting)I can bear the silence around me…

I can block any noise anyway…(it’s the power of the mind) or is this the effect of feeding my brain with too much nuts the other night? he he! who cares , every writer has "crazy’ ideas anyway…we’re storytellers, we write what’s on our minds, we have "crazy" imaginations, it’s inborn talent, baby and people love us because of that…

I don't have yet a laptop to directly draft my works but would be saving money to acquire one in the near future. I think it's a must for every writer to have back up files so as not to lose pertinent data online and the like. Save your work in USBs, discs or use a carbonite offer code, whatever suits you fine. Imagine the horror of accidentally clicking on the delete button or any other keys or something happens to your lap top causing you to lose precious contents much more if you're dying to  beat the deadline!

Which is more terrible, losing your sanity or losing unbacked up work? Both I think.

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