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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Signs of Love And Of The Times

Are you one of those who take signs too seriously? As if the heavens and earth cast their burdens upon you once you've seen some indications that something bad is really going to happen sooner. You take it as though these things will predict your future or would somehow bring you luck or something. A bad omen, a negative sign, a premonition of things yet to happen, though there are also good forewarnings but does it hurt to believe in these things?

Take for example this case of a boyfriend/girlfriend as I have read in one book, "Chocolate For  A Woman's Spirit" by Kaye Allenbaugh which I  will now narrate in my own words : The girl was thinking of a nice Valentines  gift for her bf. The guy gave her a rose plant in a pot. She is one who is into "signs" and stuff like that so she readily believes this innocent plant symbolizes their relationship. And so she said to herself the rose must be nurtured and cared for.

They after sometime got into a long distance relationship as they have gone to different universities in far away cities and only see each other twice a month.Her bf had a family affair one Saturday and so she decided to bring along the "symbolic rose". She later found it withering and the leaves are about to fall one by one. Gloom befell her countenance as she stares at the dying plant before her very eyes. The bf then approached her and told her the plant would really die because she have placed it directly where the heater was!

After which the girl uttered in dismay : " It is all my fault! Our relationship would soon be ruined because the rose is now dying!." And before she  bellowed out a girl's sob, her bf  reassured her , " Nothing will happen to our love. Geez, it's just a plant!" Gathering up her senses again, the girl then picked some petals and put them in one box.

Two and a half years have passed, they have gotten married and are now about to have their second child and their bond is still growing stronger! She remembered what silly perception she had way back then of believing in signs and promised herself no too indulge or involve herself much with things that are not yet bound to happen. 

You can enjoy life more if you take it one day at a time. Leave  your worries behind first and focus on what life has to offer you now.Life is beautiful! We are sometimes the ones who make it so complicated.

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