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Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Not To Marry A Mr./Ms. Wrong

A blog I've created impromptu while killing time at the office right now.... LOL Tongue

You met a dashing guy who swept you off your feet the very first time you laid your naked eyes on each other. His captivating smile melts your heart every time. Here is a lass who is destined for you by the stars, almost perfect to your taste- straight from your dreams! You can’t wait to walk down the aisle with your dream boy/girl with all those sparks spreading the air like viruses infecting people who think you two are a love sick couple with a contagious love bug. LOL 

There should be more than all those sparks and combustible chemistry to decide if someone is a perfect match for you (though no one is really that close to perfection and we all have certain flaws) to walk by the altar one day. LOVE not just LUST plus all the other components must be considered before one decides to get hitched to the person they thought was a “Ms./Mr. Right-Now” when some time in the future they could emerge as the “Wrong Ones”. 

Now, there aren’t really surefire ways to prevent ourselves from tying the knot with such creeps. We only can get to know the REAL PERSON once we live with them on the same roof and all. Even couples who have been together for the longest time encounter marital problems along the way but just decide to stay because of COMMITMENT. You think you can endure such situation for long even though love has gone?

Does love fade as couples grow older and it can be just mere companionship that’s left? 

I’ve list down some notes to ponder on based on some experiences of people I know and some things I’ve read about how not to marry “would-be monsters”:

1. One’s past you just can’t let pass. His/her past in one way or the other can affect your relationship no matter if we always say let bygones be bygones and live for the moment. The past relationship history of your significant other plays a vital role on how he will handle your life together. Ask yourselves if you can deal with some of his quirky attitudes. Know how he deals with his exes and/or if he still carries certain extra baggages he still can’t let go.

2. Family dynamics – How one deals with his family is one way to gauge if he would be a good partner for life. Also, bear in mind that once you get married, you have to deal with his family too whether you like them or not. So, hitting it off well with your inlaws is really important. (we may encounter monster-inlaws I’m warning you LOL ) Tongue

3. Know what you really want. Did you just decide to get married all because your biological clock is ticking away like a bomb? Are you just feeling damn lonely and craving to be with someone you thought you can depend your happiness on? You like to take the last train home and is quite desperate to the point that even though in your heart you know he isn’t the right man for you, you just give in so as not to be in the spinsterhood or old lonely man bandwagon. DESPERATE people attract the WRONG ONES!Will you just settle because you thought there wouldn’t be another even better person who will come along one day, your motto being “It’s now or never.” LOL Some things are WORTH THE WAIT my dear. Happy Wink

4. You get jitters out of cold feet. As in my last blog about having runaway brides/groom to be, do you have certain doubts about the person you intend to marry sooner? Don’t mistake those butterflies in your stomach as symptoms of nervousness associated with being in love. If you question yourself whether your fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e is the RIGHT ONE for you, after announcing your engagement, there could be some problems you just can’t pin point now. “If in doubt, back out!” Tongue

You must be SURE about your feelings and intentions towards each other before letting the priest proclaim you as husband and wife! Wink

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