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Friday, May 27, 2011

On Letting Love Find You and Getting a Life :P

Let LOVE find will just knock your door at a time you don't seem to get becomes more elusive the more you hang on to the feeling of waiting in vain...girls let yourselves be chased and not the other way around... guys are still the born hunters here... don't be stalkers, the more they'll be turned-off..instead of merely waiting for the One, enjoy your life which has more to offer more than the lovey dovey thing.. :D Some  think  that the emptiness they feel inside is the  lack of a love life, a  significant other that is...but it actuality, this black hole they've created is a piece of one's lost self...

Let yourself be whole first, be kind  enough to love yoursef before loving another person... you can give much love if at first you know how to treat yourself well...Happiness should never  be dependent on another person, it resides within's for you to recognize and accept in your life..happiness may not necessairly mean grandeur and luxury but mere peace of mind and  how to enjoy life to the fullest is what matters most...

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