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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do Sparks Fly? Nope? (You Might Have Plugged At the Wrong Socket)

    So what’s this chemistry all about? An invisible electric current flowing through two individuals as they relate with one another. A certain “click”, magical that is, no amount of scientific explanation or logic can fathom.
    But do sparks fly the first time the two of you talk? If he makes you laugh, literally roll on the floor laughing or is it simply being comfortable with the person no matter how nonsense you are discussing about. Is it his mere presence that leaves you breathless and a sense of belonging like you can be you and act naturally without any put-ons? You can meet a lot of people smarter than he is, more good looking, but physical appearance is not the “be-all” in achieving those “sparks”. 
     Countless people want to feel each damn spark every time they get to chat with a prospective love. A lot would shrug it off and say they don’t seem to click at all and that they don’t match. While others get along well as buddies or develop a purely platonic relationship with the opposite sex, there is one person who will stand out from among the rest. Though it’s but silly to readily assume someone could be your soul mate the minute you two chat online and you click, some would have romantic fantasies of being with the object of their affection. Ask yourself first or directly ask the person you “cathect”  (psychological term for a “loved-object”) if he\she feels the same way to save yourself from a future heartache. It should work both ways unless you want to experience unrequited love. 
    There is spark in the air if you two laugh at the same things, enjoying the silence when you don’t have anything to say and you two have gone quiet. If you are both interested to get to know each other well and develop a certain connection only the two of you can explain. If despite your differences, you’ll be patient in discovering things and be surprised you both dig a few things. You can have many friends but this someone makes you really feel special and always paints a smile on your face recalling the convos you just had. Some say don’t search or wait for these sparks to fly or you may not find someone if this could be the main consideration when dating. But it is essential! “Sparks” can’t be faked nor magic can be created if there aren’t really any romantic feelings towards each other. “Liking” can lead to “loving”  as time passes by you get to know a person much better. You’ll come to the point you’ll feel in love and that’s the time the two of you sing beautiful music together.
     Friendship is the strongest foundation of any given relationship without this, how can you two have that solid ground when you can’t be friends first and foremost before the thing you’re having evolves into something stronger- LOVE.

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