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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are You An Ennie Minnie Moe Lover Or Just Plain Choosy?

"Why aren't you married yet?"
"Don't you have a bf/gf right now?"
"When will you invite us to your own wedding?"
"Oh, you must be too picky, that's why."

Have you actually encountered these annoying inquiries before? I've have had my share of these deliberating, nauseating questions pointed out at me hitting me on the face but I simply ignored them before. Smile I am enjoying my life and I don't mess up with them so they should let me be, right? Smile

Who says getting hitched is the ultimate be-all in this life? You choose to be happy on your own and you don't actually find happiness out of other people. How can you end up in bliss when you can't enjoy your time alone a little bit? Yes, some friends are already married but end up in annulments in just a few years of being together after realizations came out of the surface that they aren't that compatible with the one they chose to marry. Gosh! Smile I don't wanna end up like that for goodness sake! Smile 

Being alone is not equated to being LONELY. These are my personal views regarding pressuring one's self to get married or be in a relationship just for the sake of having someone! What a pity! You don't have to be in a messy relationship just to say you're attached to the hip with a guy! (eyes rolling) Tongue

Why is there a stigma fixated on matured women or at least those in their marrying ages, who aren't tying the knot yet when they hit their late 30's and beyond?? More so in women branded as "spinsters" or "ajuma" in Korean, than with men, which isn't that fair enough I guess.

How come one is taunted as "choosy" when he/she finds it hard to search for his match in the love arena?

It could be having set one's standards of conformity haha! or qualifications as if the prospect is applying for a job complete with supplementary requirements. Tongue Some wouldn't settle for anything less. Another could be a result of "phobia" over a series of failed relationships or a series of multitudes of unfortunate events! lol SmileOne is more cautious than before.
Who says it's bad living up to one's expectations? But it should be REALISTIC though! As nobody's born perfect and those attributes we might be looking for we cannot find in just a single person out there. 

Sometimes all it takes is an instant connection, a spark igniting your interests with each other. The one we're eyeing may fall short of our expectations but it doesn't mean we can't get along well with the person.

Sometimes it's not the idea of being "choosy" or "picky" but a decision to remain single until the right one comes along. But how the heck may we know if he's the right one? Smile 

Leaving it up to fate if you would still meet the one destined for you. That's the perception of some. While others go out of their way to be able to find their long awaited love but then again some aren't that lucky enough to find theirs for that elusive LOVE. Sad 

Not yet their designated tome maybe to meet their Prince Charmings and Princesses but if it's meant to happen, it's gonna happen no matter what the odds are.

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