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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking For Your Half-Orange?

Note: "Half-orange" is the translation of the Spanish phrase mi media naranja, which means “my half-orange”; use to describe, in love, one’s sweetheart, one’s beautifully perfect other half." I got this from a book "Meeting Your Half-Orange" by Amy Spencer. " Happy
I just want to share this thought on love from "Relationships and Life Reinvention Coaching" :
"Very often, it isn't true that love is missing in our lives. Most of the time we just fail to recognize it when it's there, because we expect it to come in a specific form, or come from a specific person.
In order to truly find the love we need, we must often let go of how we think love "should be," and become the kind of person who is ready to recognize & welcome the Real Love that may already be just there." -Relationships and Life Reinvention Coaching
Does the love we really need have to come from a certain person or from something? Too often we tend to ignore those people who love us the most, who can offer the love we are still searching for in other places. At times, they may be just right in front of your very eyes! Open them then wide enough to realize that he/she ain't be the ideal person we have in mind but one who can give us more than the electrifying feelings we associate when we are attracted or in love with another. Happy
He may not be your typical Romeo who can make you swoon but he can be a bf material too once you get to know him better. Happy Love is more than an instant attraction. Your best guy buddy might have a secret admiration for you for the longest time and yet is quite hesitant to make a move since he knows he isn't your type. Tongue
The girl you grew up with might be a good potential partner for life if only you would see her more than a sister. HappyThe co-worker at the next cubicle whom you always catch staring at you though he looks like a geek can be a good provider. Happy
I've been guilty of ignoring boys from the past who aren't my type. Well, at least I was being honest to them and myself. Tongue But at times when you think about it, we should give people chances to prove their worth but don't let them hang on too much and/or give false hopes if you really don't have feelings for them how much you try. LOL Tongue
Recognize what kind of love you are looking for to avoid disappointments in the future.Is it momentary love or a committed love? In the book by Amy Spencer as stated above she said "And if you’re ready for your big relationship, start planting your orange seed right now!"
Before searching for your half-orange, prepare yourself first if you are truly ready for a lasting commitment. And don't just settle! Find the right love that is really meant for you! Happy

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