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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Quirky Search

Note: This is a republished entry I posted on my blog site last year, May 26, 2010. Before I joined the MP Universe. Happy Originally titled "The Quirky Search Isn’t Over Yet (Funny Anecdotes of Set up Dates).
Just want to share this for those quirky searchers and searchees out there. Tongue

T’was 3 years ago since I got hold of Bo Sanchez’ book on finding your one true love and now less than 3 months after a failed relationship, I found it again together with the manual, covered with dusts but still the pages are kept intact although the colors have somewhat changed. Sanchez’s infamous book, “How to Find Your One True Love” and its manual of “procedures” in attracting your potential partner in life, are just two of his books included in my vast collections. God knows I’ve tried to follow the 8 Steps to Attract God’s Best for the Single Person but then I found some steps quite absurd that I can’t bring myself to do those stuffs he mentioned …it’s just way out of Elizabeth’s personality I guess. Happy

While other 30 something’s out there do get paranoid thinking, fussing about their biological clocks ticking like bombs, I don’t want to pressure myself getting hitched ASAP. How can I when I just got out of a failed relationship and what I merely attract is a string of jerks who will just break my vulnerable heart? They surely are not God’s best for me. My friends are more pressured I think of finding a guy for me and I find this somewhat annoying at times. I’d like to scowl at them and make them realize that at this point in my life, I’m just enjoying my single-blessedness after moving on from a painful heartache. Just giving more time for myself, loving ME first before finding a right guy who deserves my love. Happy

Many times have I proven them wrong that I wouldn’t “die” if I’m not attached to the hips with a guy the rest of my life. Having friendly dates is fun I should say. Dates set up by friends are sometimes exciting at first then much to your dismay it gets boring especially if the guy is from another “planet” and he can’t really express himself well. You ask a question and all he does is project his cutest smile (probably his cutest one he thinks) and just leave you there waiting for a response, while he continues to eat his siomai dipped in a soup (sorry forgot the Korean dish’s name). So after waiting for a response that didn’t “materialize”, I just picked up a dried seaweed and stuffed it inside my mouth but a nagging question keeps popping on my mind: “What have you asked him Beth that he can’t answer you even a single word?” Maybe he just didn’t get my inquiry or most probably he didn’t understand you, you could have asked in simpler English. (eyes rolling now).Tongue 

There was a time also when a guy friend gave my number to a much younger dude. When the guy realized I’m of the same age as his older brother he gave my number to him but all the older brother did was to forward “chain texts”. You know the “religious texts” that “blackmails” you in the end if you don’t get to forward it to friends. Duh! (eyes rolling again) Happy

Where has all the good guys gone? Even my ex has gone “psycho”, making me believe that he had cancer then the next two weeks he had died when he is still very much alive! Just made me realized how “lucky” I am for having a freaky emo for an ex! (sarcastic mode this time) Tongue

Maybe I shouldn’t lose hope and still believe that somewhere my knight in shining armor is still waiting for me or he could just be reading this blog now. Oops! We can never tell… Happy

Forward to May, 2011:

After a year, many things have had happened to me and never did it occur to me that I would be joining a dating site! This is the first dating site I've joined where I met my Prince Bry that after 8 months, we are still singing beautiful music together online. LOL Tongue I'm just keeping my fingers (and even toes ) crossed that everything we are planning would turn out smoothly.

In one way or the other I've also followed Bo's advices on letting people get to notice me. Well in here, by blogging and making friends to both men and women. I wasn't desperately looking for love in the first place. I just let it all happen in front of my eyes. Happy

"Love if it's meant to be yours, sticks with you like glue." -Snowy's own quote LOL Tongue

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