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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stone-cold Romeo and Unaffectionate Juliet

What are the qualities that have endeared you to your significant other?Is it his flashy, captivating smile or well-toned body? Her smiling, serene face or her affectionate ways? Well, most of us can't deny the fact that we like our gfs/bfs to be sweet and caring to us. Happy But what if it's the other way around? You are the one who's all too showy and demonstrative of your feelings while your partner is stone cold or just isn't that sweet enough to your taste? Will you be able to tell him/her straight that it bothers you he/she isn't that expressive or just leave it like that? Happy

When we feel like cuddling or sweet talking and our lover isn't in the mood, we of course feel kinda rejected and might even be all too upset about it resulting to some tantrums and petty quarrels. Tongue
Women and men often complain about this thing a lot as I have noticed but can we take it as something that is bothersome in the relationship? The way we show affection towards one another. Happy This is one factor that can contribute to a lasting bond. 

How would you prove and show your love to the one who has your heart? Are men just too sweet and caring during the courtship phase?Is this sweetness to one another can only be exhibited while the couple is on their honeymoon stage or first few months of being together? Tongue

I believe the courtship stage should be extended up 'til the couples are already married. Men should always pursue their gfs and wives even long after that lovey-dovey phase has worn out in time. Happy 
Of course it would be too much to ask to be always having our arms around each other, whispering sweet nothings on each other's ears and saying i love yous every minute of the day! Relationships all go through some rough times and its inevitable. Happy It's up to us how to rekindle the flame once it has gotten out of whack due to some irritants along the way. Happy

Men as well as women have different ways of demonstrating their feelings to another person. His having a funny bone, always teasing you up 'til you get pissed off and cry can be his extraordinary way of showing his affections for you. Tongue We call that in Tagalog : "carino brutal" (I think derived from Spanish too) You cannot change his attitude towards that because it 's simply the way he is! My bf is a tease at times and makes fun of me and I return it back. LOL Tongue But we are having fun being goofy and all that at certain times. He is a combination of a sweet, romantic and a tease all in one. LOL Tongue So, I know if he's sick if he isn't like that acting normally. LOL Tongue

She may not be that candy sweet to you but proves that she cares for you by cooking you good food and doing things for you. Your gf may not always put her arms around you every time and is not that touchy like you but she tries to compensate it on other ways. Remember: "We buy the whole package one we make that big decision of choosing someone to love!" So the small flaws such as these as well as other quirky things your partner does are all included in the sale. Tongue

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