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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mirrors, Sponges, & Repelling Poles

Opposites attract and like poles repel. We've learned this in Science but can it be applied between two people who chose to love each other despite their many differences?

While some couples enjoy the fruits of their compatibilities in diverse areas, there could surface differences too along the way. Just imagine how predictable it is and somewhat boring if you two are exact reflections of each other! It could be wonderful at first, smooth sailing, no hassles but could get really routinary and bland to the taste if you don't find some things to argue about! lol! Tongue

It's not that I'm looking for loopholes to spark any future petty quarrels or something but always agreeing on similar things for the mere sake of preventing clashes won't help the relationship to grow and evolve. 

Would it be a big deal if your partner is always saying "Yes, I like it, hon. " to you every time? Or when you guys ask your gfs where could be the best place to go for a candle lit dinner and she will always say"It's up to you, sweetheart. As long as we're together." That would be sweet at first of course but get could really annoying for the two of you should contribute your ideas and speak your mind- you are not a "sponge" just absorbing whatever it is that appears right before your eyes. He/she could have chosen a lifeless, brainless, stiff mannequin if you don't have a say to everything that you converse about.

Spice up your conversations, share your experiences and ask questions. Your significant other won't be such a grumpy fella if you ask things in a subtle, sweet, suave way I think. Wink

You need not always agree on all things that your lover tells you just so to please him/her when you've got something brewing up on your mind. It is free anyway to express your disinterest or disagreement in a way that would be kinda diplomatic and will not either insult or hurt his/her feelings. We just have to be quite sensitive to others feelings when we air our sides.

It's but a another issue if the couple cannot be on the same boat on almost all things and ideas- that's a total clash of personalities which would entail endless, pointless arguments.

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