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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Art of Modest Flirtsoming

A republished blog with some additions. :P

I'll admit I'm not an expert on this topic guys. lol! Now, these things that I wrote down are based on what I have read and on what I have observed. No way will I ever publish a book on flirting for it would be way off from my personality and reputation. haha!

Flirting with someone of the opposite sex is but a natural  social behavior of humans. You may not know it but pure glances and locking eyes with your intended prospect is already subtle flirting. ;)

"Flirtsome"- a term I borrowed from the "preacher in blue jeans", Bro. Bo Sanchez ( a famous preacher here in the Philippines) is the art of subtle flirting with the opposite sex. Is there such a thing as "subtle flirting" ? How does one know someone is intentionally flirting with you? Flirtsoming is hinting out vibes to the opposite sex that you are quite interested to get to know him/her better by doing some things such as offering some snacks or being helpful when he/she needs some assistance. Sending out positive signs that you are a lovable person and that the apple of your eye might get a hint he/she can approach you anytime- letting the other person feel at ease with you which can open a door of new possibilities to your friendship. This is a way of flirting which won't be pretty seem obvious to the opposite sex!

Samples of modest flirting are the kinds that takes place in Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte romances. :P They are aware of the mutual attraction between them that they can either act on it or not. Well you can let your love for another remain a secret or do something about it.

Outrageous flirting is unappropriate for most public ocassions. These casual flirtations can occur between couples of all ages. :D

The brutal flirting is somewhat really upfront and frank in nature which sometimes may cause for someone you're interested with to walk away from you or may label you as the "fling-type" he/she can't bring home to meet! Some men don't like women who do the chasing. They're born hunters ladies! Let them pursue us! hehe! Give him hints that you like him but don't go out of your way to hunt him down unless you like to be labeled as a stalker! lol!

Well, its not a sin to actually tell frankly to the person we like him. At least you are being honest and open to him. Now, its up to him to do the second! if he doesn't care a damn thing about what you've just revealed, he's not worthy. Move on to the next! They say guys are dense and that although we send off good signals, they still don't get it. Is this true, guys? If it's not, prove it wrong then.

Rants masquerading as comments are so much welcome! lol! Suggestions are welcome too. It's not as if I need them but not for me folks. For those still hunting and wants to be hunted down.haha!

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