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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Setting Up Traditions in Your Relationship

So you've got yourself involved with your chosen one. How did you know that the two of you are officially on? Did you remember the date when you answered him your sweet "yes" and/ or the very first time you said "i love you" to him? Or the girl was the first one to utter those words abruptly much to your surprise? Did you just go with the flow, agreed to be with someone without steering clear of things if you're the official gf/ bf? Are you one of those who keep on guessing how long you two were together because you lost track and hate celebrating significant occasions?

Some would cringe at the thought of remembering dates in a relationship but in fact these little traditions and celebrations with your partner would really help cement your bond and create excitement every time. I don't believe in what others say that those who celebrate monthsaries and/or anniversaries don't last long. What a silly notion! LOL Tongue 

Well, me and my bf are on our 8th month of togetherness and though we are on an LDR, we keep on going stronger and greeting each other every month coupled up with surprise letters on the mail or e-cards and sweet nothings spices up our relationship. Wink

In a recent study, it was stated that couples who laugh and smile when they retell how they met are statistically way less likely to end up divorced.

One leading cause of experiencing burnt outs in LDRs and/or any other types of relationship is boredom. Doing the same things together again and again, becoming routinary. Each day you talk, is just an ordinary one so if you're not looking forward to a certain special celebration, you feel sick and tired and would sometimes doubt about the staying power of your togetherness. Happy

Try to celebrate and incorporate traditions in your relationships. Happy Set aside a day each month and/or set up dates online on Xmas Day, New Year, Valentines Day, and most especially your anniversaries/ Make it extra special by giving out cards (not just e-cards) and letters and exchange down sweet stuffs to continue melting each other's hearts.

You will say to each his own but then these are just simple suggestions of Snowy. LOL Tongue If you want to feel bored at the course of your relationship, keep it up that way. LOL Tongue But if you are really committed in your coupledom, you would find ways to make it more exciting and worth the wait 'til you're together at last.Happy

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