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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why Do Guys Get Intimidated To Approach Women They Like?

Ok guys this random blog is for you out there just came out of nowhere and I wrote it down. (Did it really come out of nowhere or perhaps a little bird whispered to me to write such an interesting blog?) lol!Why do guys even if they really like the girl feel intimidated to even speak to her?Even if its pretty obvious that the girl is into them, they act as if they don't care at all although there are tell-tale signs that the object of their affection is willing to give them a fat chance??
When I was younger, I thought that some boys really do get intimidated by my being a quiet, unassuming girl in high school. I was the Maria Clara type minus the "saya" that time and boys can't easily approach for fear they might just be ignored or something. That time I thought I might be really boring and uninteresting to the opposite sex until someone expressed his interest and visited me at home during the weekends with the permission mind you of my dear! Though he wasn't my first suitor ever, the first one when I was in Grade 6, the guy who eventually became my best friend now.
Then as I grew older, I noticed that some guys are really insecure or have low self-esteem that even if it's crystal-clear the gal has a crush on them, telling them bluntly that she likes him, they sometimes back-off. I know some men don't like it when the woman makes the first move or initiates the first contact but pleassssse why would you burden yourself if you sure do like the girl???Pride or something or plain "shyness"? You would be losing your chance and missing half or a quarter of your life if the girl moves away from you or the worst thing is another would be getting her! The time you tell yourself go and pursue her, you're 25 minutes too late like what the song of Michael learns To Rock blurts out. So any reactions guys? Need them for a survey, research or something. lol!

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