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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Your Heart's Deepest Desire

All of us have certain dreams and wishes we tag along the course of our lifetime. Some of them can either be easily attained yet some are quite a feat to reach. But what is your deepest desire in your life right now? For singles, is it to finally meet the one meant for you and settle down the soonest? Or could be that you've got other more valuable priorities in life like career-wise to be able to step up the corporate ladder or to be known in your chosen field?

Life doesn't just revolve around hurts, past mistakes, and momentary pleasures and much more life isn't just about falling in love, falling out of love, dwelling on your broken heart, ending in bitterness and hoping to gain sympathies from others who also get sick and tired of your rants and endless woes in spiral motions. LOL TongueThe world is a big stage! Lots of other things we can preoccupy ourselves on and not just waiting for that elusive love. Tongue

Ask yourself what is your ultimate goal in life? If you don't end up being with the love of your life right now, it doesn't automatically mean you're a loser and got no future. Especially when you're still young and you've still got many years ahead of you, why would you just focus on finding LOVE? When love could just knockin' on your door one day?Being desperate is not at all pretty my dear. Never getting on with your life and letting bygones be bygones won't do you good and could actually put a negative label on your face. Do you think you could attract a potential partner this way? Tongue

I once questioned myself what really do I want out of this life, like 5 years ago. I've already fulfilled my dream of becoming a wordsmith (writer) and I'm enjoying my job. I've got great family and friends and I'm enjoying my being single. (Am I really? LOL Tongue)So, what else is still lacking? Wink
My best friend who was brokenhearted that time encouraged me to enter the convent! (DUH! Tongue) Well, for her, it's not much of a calling for the vocation of being a nun but rather as an escape goat.. to forget what happened to her, to free herself from the chains binding her to her hurts in the past. She wanted someone to accompany her, an accomplice! LOL Tongue

We attended a whole day retreat in a convent in Quezon City immersing ourselves with the daily routines of the sisters. And what have I found out about nuns? Younger nuns that is. They aren't that serious at times. Tongue Yes, they may have times of prayer and strict times of eating meals and going to bed but they too are ordinary ladies who like giggling and telling stories. Well, some much to your surprise anecdotes of their exes and escapades before!har har har! We even found Cosmopolitan Magazines in there. LOL Tongue So, not the stereotypical convent that we often see in the movies then. Happy 

Now, you will ask me if Snowy decided to be a nun? NOPE! I realized it's not a world I can call my own. I've got other things to do outside, share to people plus they don't need a spying nun there LOL Tongue I can still be close to God even if I'm not inside a convent. And I've told God what is the deepest desire of my heart- To have my own family in His time! (which could be very well next year Ooops! Giving myself and my partner a timeline here LOL Tongue)

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