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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Sisterhood In Packs and Chatterboxes

We come in packs even just going to the washrooms and all and guys ask themselves what the heck are we doing there at the same time as if we are about to attend an assembly or something. LOL Tongue
More than doing retouches on our make-ups and oily noses, we discuss a multitude of topics in just a short span of time that we’re inside the powder room until we go back to the table and sit down again with the other peers. Happy 
The “meeting agenda” ranges from the absurd to the naughty to the critical ones Happy

Sample convos:
Alice: “ How come the host of the party is wearing the same striped designs like the tables here? Tongue
Snow White: “Oh, maybe she ran out of clothing materials and that she had that extra table cloth so she made a dress out of it! LOL Tongue Come on, give her a break!”

Britney: “ You told me that he’s tall, dark and handsome! Wow, what an exact opposite he was in person! Tongue How could you do this to me, I thought you were my BFF (best friend forever). “
Beyonce: “Hey, have you forgotten I’m semi-blind??? I’m wearing thick glasses with a grade of 1000!Duh!No worries my friend, he has the same exact reaction as you are! Har har har ! He also taught you were tall, dark and handsome. LOL Tongue
(My god, Snowy is going crazy and corny! Ewww Tongue )

So women are known to be more talkative than guys but just in a recent surprising study, men were discovered to be bigger chatterboxes than women! Tongue

Here’s the discovery as I quoted from Cosmopolitan Magazine’s April 2010 issue :

“ It’s true: Men don’t only talk more than women in social situations, but also too many words to get their point across. “ according to a latest study by the psychological science department at the Manchester University. But even though men are chattier, they still fail to convey their message effectively.”

Beware guys if the women in your lives suddenly get too quiet one day when you’ve known them to be big talkers or should I say opinionated. Tongue Maybe something’s really wrong somewhere that you can’t pinpoint. Tongue

Who do you prefer, a lady who can outsmart you in a conversation or someone who is pretty boring and all who will just reply back with a mere “yes” and “no” ? Or much worse someone who pretends to know it all when in fact she cannot grasp what you’re trying to convey? LOL Tongue

"Laugh. Cry. share the pants.-The Sisterhood of theTraveling Pants" Tongue

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