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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have You Found Your True Love Yet?

Are you one of those who believe that there is one perfect soul mate for you out there? Tongue

Is there really the One whom the stars have destined for you to meet at the right time and circumstance? True love is definitely worth the wait as what Rissa Singson-Kawpeng stresses in her book “Confessions of an Impatient Bride”. A book for those whose delve on single hood blues and still on the “waiting game”. It is worth praying and waiting for the right person to come along rather than settle for an unhealthy relationship to cover-up our loneliness and not be left out by our friends who are hitched. Would you rather see yourself miserable but in a relationship or stay single and be happy? Happy

Bo Sanchez in his book, “How To Find Your One True Love” singled out 8 steps to attract God’s best for the single person. And I must admit without having my cheeks blush that I am one of those who bought the book hoping at that time that it would eventually help me find my OTL – One True Love. But that was 2 years ago when I felt this unexplainable panic that I was catching up time and haven’t met yet my someone special, I was depriving myself of a happiness I truly deserve while my other friends are having a great time getting hitched or involved in a relationship. Have I felt envious? 

Or have I just made this unexplainable feeling surge and get into my nerves that some friends think I was really desperate to have someone? It came to a point I asked them to introduce me to some single guys whom I can be friends with but it doesn’t necessarily mean jump into a relationship with the first one to court me. I AM NOT THAT DESPERATE! – as what I reiterated to one close guy friend when he got worried why I was acting differently asking them to let me meet some other guy friends of theirs. I was just trying to apply what the book says, that’s all. Well, realization dawned on me that I was really “trying hard” to follow some of the steps there that I am slowly changing my perspective and that it’s far from my personality to apply those rules. Again, that was 2 years ago. I also got dumb-founded to learn that a few women and men are not married yet even after years and years of waiting and waiting and waiting all because they’ve got a wrong set of beliefs. Bo Sanchez said they were so wrong that they’re way out of the solar system, in other words should go down the drain for they’ve grown quite old-fashioned. Though some would say it’s their choice to remain single – it cannot be denied they feel this emptiness deep inside their hearts especially when they get to see happy couples with kids in tow and dread to live and grow old alone without a family they can call their own. Happy

I’m one certified hopeless romantic and I do believe in soul mates, destiny, serendipity and happily ever afters. They say you will know if you’re finally reunited with your SOULMATE, no questions asked. And I also do believe that it’s a choice too to say someone is your soul mate and that you want to spend the rest of your life with him no matter what the circumstances are, your social status, ideals, beliefs. TO LOVE IS A DECISION and to tell whether your significant other is your soul mate is the same case. Happy

Now, if youre’ gonna ask me have I found my true love yet? Well, like what I always say in my previous posts, I'm keeping my fingers with toes combined all crossed! LOL Tongue

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