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Friday, May 20, 2011

When Your Biological Clock Is Ticking Your Head Off

This is more of a woman’s issue but I’m also encouraging  guys to have a sneak peak into women’s minds regarding bearing children.

What are your true intentions  in getting married? It is because you’re in love , if I may say madly to your significant other? Or are you pass the age of safe child-bearing   and/or you’ve out numbered  the dates of the calendar much more so when it’s a leap year? LOL :P Or maybe you are a lunatic fearing the end is near must grab one guy and have a family? LOL :P Would like to make it to the finish line even if it’s the last two minutes of the game. :P

Some are in a rush or in a desperate feat to get hitched, hook up with the first guy who shows interest in them all because they have to ride the last train home and have kids in pronto!

Yes, it’s true that to become a mother is the most wonderful experience a woman can have but is it a good reason to just have someone impregnate you so that  you can give birth?? The child would grow up  in an incomplete family set up because you would rather be single than marrying the guy  whom you think won’t be a good father and provider.

There is a silly if not crazy advice Pinays  give to their female friends who aren’t married yet and no kids to just  have a child minus the husband. In simple terms out of wedlock since some  believe they can live without a man but would still have offsprings but with whom? :P They’ve been through horrible stories and traumas with their exes that they would rather dismiss the idea of marrying the wrong ones  but still would love to become Moms.

We women, when we reach a certain age, you would find us hitting the panic button! The bomb inside us is ticking away! That  thing ringing in my ears for years now- biological clock!  In some points of our lives, we will have difficulty  getting pregnant  and giving birth would be risky. So some women go dead crazy and paranoid finding men who can give them babies ASAP. LOL :P If these women don’t want me to call them DESPERATE things, what then would you call yourselves??

Is having children the be-all of your existence in this world?? Don’t you have other things to do instead of just merely waiting for a guy who can offer you marriage or anticipating for the time you get to be taking care of your own kids? That would happen if it’s meant to happen but not out of DESPERATION! :P Acting and talking desperately ain’t pretty sistah. ;)

Still some have this selfish motive of rearing kids just so there would be someone to take care of them when their hairs all turn grey. In other words, they’re quite afraid, dreaded  with the idea of growing old alone and miserable. Asking WHAT IFS and telling themselves I SHOULD HA VE…
It’s a common predicament getting pressured by what your family, friends and relatives to go and get married start your own family when you’re of the marrying age or way pass the time limit. LOL :P Well, I can beat deadlines given to me for my writing projects but when it comes to this one please! I got other things to do than worry about it every single minute of my existence :D

What do they want me to do now? Just grab the hand of a guy out there on the streets  and ask him to help me produce babies?? Duh!

I don't mind if my  bomb explodes sooner, there's nothing  I can do about it now unless me and my bf get married this year or next year and have kids! :D

What's wrong with getting pass a certain age still single and no children?

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