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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Buy The Whole Package

We live in an imperfect world but people search for their "ideals". They require too much qualifications for a future wife/husband that sometimes some may feel they're like entering a contest or competition or better yet applying for a job. She should be like this, like that...he should be like this, like that... Don't we realize that all the qualities we may be expecting cannot be really found in just one imperfect person?We all have flaws, we commit mistakes as being part of our human nature. 

When you decide to enter a relationship, you accept the person for what and who he is and his mere frailties and clumsiness might be some of those that endeared you to him. We don't just dismiss the notion that we couldn't match for a certain someone if he fails to have one of your most coveted fetishes like blue eyes, broad shoulders or his Romeo-like sweet nothings being blown in the air every time you two talk. Before entering a serious relationship, we should know what we're getting into.

Love isn't just a game or a piece of paper you can easily throw away once you get burned. You love the person for who he is- buy the whole package, it doesn't come in small portions or chosen parts only. I think, the more we have this "ideal person" in mind, the longer we would be finding the right One. We shouldn't search for perfection, it's just too impossible with people having different personalities, cultural clashes and major differences in beliefs and what-have-you's.'

To love is a decision, a risk most of the time but then as the world continues to spin around its axis, give yourself a chance to love and be loved. You might let the right One pass you by if you keep on searching for your "perfect prince or princess" but then let us also guard our hearts for its really hell to be hurt again and again.

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