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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Putting A Ring On It

Singing Beyonce's popular song? Not just singing though but more on imagining what would be a perfect, romantic and unforgettable wedding proposal? Your knight in shining armor on his knees asking you to marry him after your candle lit dinner with the ring still inside the box? Add to that is a romantic music at the background serenading you? 

Some guys do out of this world gimmicks like putting up their wedding proposals on billboards or ad boards for all the commuters along the highway to see! Proposing at the middle of a flight snatching the stewardess' microphone and asking for his gf's hand in marriage while on board the plane!
A proposal made by one basketball player in the Philippines at the middle of the court and on national TV!

What would make you swoon all over gals when your guy suddenly pops up the question? Would you go for a traditional wedding proposal? Or would you be delighted if your man will get a little more creative and make it extra special for you? I wouldn't be embarrassed if my guy suddenly kneels before me in front of all my friends plus a romantic music at the background, maybe a song we both love would be nice. Smile

While some guys do have a hard time asking their gf's hand in marriage, some do connive with the friends or relatives of their ladies to help them out. That would be a great idea if you're having a hard time organizing it alone. Smile Girls like to be treated like Queens and so be the King we always wanted you to be. You will be proposing to us just once so it's one major event we are looking forward too. You wouldn't like it to be one sloppy, awkward proposal wouldn't you?It need not mean lavish preparations but a little creativity is all you need guys. Smile

This is not just for the gals who are waiting for their bf's to propose but also for those who are contemplating on popping up the question to their precious lady loves. All ideas and suggestions are very much welcome. Smile

Now, why did I compose such a blog? Is this a premonition that sooner someone would propose to me formally? LOL Tongue

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