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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Doubting Thomas and Fizzling Out Syndrome

At first this lovey-dovey couple are always in cloud nine and letting people envy their all sweetness to each other even embarrassing teenagers who can't take off their hands on each other! LOL Tongue Theirs was a whirlwind romance which made them think they are a match made in heaven. Owing to their compatible tastes in everything they're both interested in and hitting it off well from the very first time they met, they thought this love at first sight thing and rush relationship is headed for the altar one fateful day. Happy

Both have just been out of a failed relationship and didn't know at first that the "rebound love" thing is real and can eventually hurt themselves in the end if they're not being careful. 

Then things started to go awry much to their dismay, the "sparks" they once used to have is slowly fading away...The girl is now questioning herself whether what she truly feels is LOVE or just a momentary illusion or merely an infatuation thing. The guy has now become busy with other things and cannot even find time for the girl which then made her think that the relationship might hit rock bottom and be on the rocks. The girl is even complaining her bf is not saying I LOVE YOU that much anymore like he used to. (guys your gf's still prefer you to say I LOVE YOU often!) Tongue

Some scenarios that can happen and are actually happening in the dating scene.People who have just gone out of a messy relationship, readily jumping into another one thinking that it could help them mend their broken hearts and forget their pasts. Often ending in breaking not just their own hearts but as well as hurting the ones they thought they LOVE but in actuality are being used by them for their own benefit. Hey feelings aren't to be played on! 

The chemistry they thought was really there was gone they said. There ain't no "magic" anymore. Could it be that the sparks they thought they've created is just a by-product of their illusions, making themselves believe that it is REAL LOVE while in fact, it is just a fleeting feeling that will just gone "kaput" (dead, lost)in the nic of time? Tongue What is that a case of a fizzling out phase? LOL Tongue

Real love isn't like that. As time goes by , it should be stronger and you can assure yourself your partner truly loves you and in turn you do love him too.Happy It must have a strong foundation in order to withstand any storms along the way and shouldn't put you in a "doubting Thomas mode" asking yourselves "do I really love this person and that he really loves me too? "

First and foremost before involving ourselves in a committed relationship, we must consider a lot of things and that it's not just being IN LOVE that matters. Tongue

There's more than the rush and raging emotions that we experience when we get attracted with the opposite sex. And if the couple would truly like to work it out, they COULD find ways and means to bring the excitement back! Tongue There is also what we call a burnt-out period in relationships, you know. Happy

More views on this cases, post it up folks! Happy

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