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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Spirit Keeper Within Me

When we were kids, we weave dreams of becoming someone one day be a doctor donning an immaculate white gown perhaps or a skilled engineer, a preppy yuppie in a posh office, or be an iconic superstar legend or heart throb. How about a fashion guru whom everyone admires or to be the president of your own country getting all the burdens that go with it?

I had 3 dream jobs when I was still a kiddo. One is to become a doctor, yes a pediatrician since I admire those smart-alecky professionals whom patients look up to as gods who can save their endangered lives, I see in the movies and on TV. I also dreamed of becoming a painter since I love the arts, drawing, doodling, sketching at times as one of my worthwhile hobbies. I am the one doing my sister and brother's art projects as well as my cousins, too. Guess I was gifted with talented hands doing creative stuffs and the like. Though I miss doing  it now because of lack of time doing other things but I may relive my romance with the pencil and oil pastels lying in the cobwebs soon!

And my ultimate dream of all is becoming a writer! At an early age, I saw myself getting fond of composing poems during my elementary days while watching my favorite children's show that time, Yes, you guess it, I'm a Sesame Street kid! I grew up knowing yellow-feathered Big Bird and the muncher, Cookie Monster with Bert and Ernie who has a cat-dog type of relationship that is pretty annoying at times.

For some reasons beyond our control , we can't seem to achieve all our dreams at the same time. Everything has its own time they say. Well, I didn't get to be a doctor since as I have written in a previous blog, my parents told me before that they can't afford to send me to medical school! So, bye bye immaculate white gown!They also opposed to the ideas of me taking up Fine Arts and Journalism all because of money-related issues. "There is not much money in being an artist and a writer.  Better take up a practical course like Business  Management so you can easily find a job after graduation", was what echoed in my head for many years!

They just don't understand that time what it means to me being able to express my sentiments through the arts and writing.The spirit keeper within me didn't easily give up! After getting corporate jobs that paid me well but gave me just frustrations and no self-fulfillment at all I found finally my niche after waiting for years! I had a break with a local community newspaper and was also given the chance to become one of the feature writers for private company's corporate magazine. I started my writing career all from scratch! I feel elated when my family, relatives and friends get to tell me they're proud of me.  For myself, simply seeing my published articles with my byline at the top gives me an unexplainable high!

When you are a writer, there are endless possibilities and/or opportunities for you. You can establish your name and be an overnight big time blogger! Article writer for a newspaper or magazine doing freelance jobs right in the comforts of your own home. One can also be a resume writer as one of his own home based business or others like a thesis writer, business correspondences writer and the like.Earning while enjoying  what you're doing. What more can you ask for?

There is simply joy within you that you cannot comprehend once you treat your job as fun and not just work. If you have dreams, don't easily give up, let the spirit keeper in you push you up to attain your goals in life no matter how difficult at first. You can find a way once you set your objectives and you have this solid determination to reach for something you really want!

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